About Us – Why Weighted Blanket Reviews?

First off hello and welcome to the original weight blanket review site.

We started this website after trying to purchase a weighted blanket for ourselves and having trouble finding unbiased reviews online. Weighted blankets have been around for quite some time however they only recently “hit the mainstream.” This seems to of led to a ton of new options on the market and a lot of information to try and digest.  During our purchasing process, we had trouble finding any information that:

1) Wasn’t provided by the manufacturer (which is hard to trust as they are trying to sell a product)


2) Was detailed enough for a trust evaluation / seemed like it came from a trustworthy source (we see you fake Amazon reviews!)

So to help out fellow consumers looking to make an informed decision we launched this weighted blanket review website.  We wanted to cut out all the marketing fluff and really get down the to nitty gritty on what products/manufacturers offered the best product for the best prices. We would love any feedback you could provide in addition to our reviews as the more information we can provide to the end user the better experience we’ll all have!

So in closing, we are extremely excited to be launching this website and hope we can help you out in your mission to purchase the perfect blanket!

The WeightedBlanket.Reviews Team