Amy Garden Weighted Blanket Review

Amy Garden is another blanket only Amazon FBA. Their range is far more limited than other builds on the market and considering the number of options right now that simply won’t do. What is here is actually not bad, and they had one that was perfect for me. Finding a 12lbs blanket from one of these prefab sellers is difficult, but far from impossible. The best part of this build might be the price, and right now there is a sale one. It brings their largest size down far below the competition, giving Amy Garden their much-needed niche. Before we break down this build in detail, we need to figure out if you need a weighted blanket at all.

Amy Garden Weighted Blanket Build Quality & Materials

The last two months have spoiled me. I know that the vast majority of prefab weighted blankets do not come with a removable cover, but both the Zona and the CMFRT came with one. Not the case with the Amy Garden. Instead, they offer a small selection of covers, which is nice, sure, but seen as weighted blanket come in nonstandard sizes, you kinda have to buy from them if you want a cover that will fit. The cover material here is 100% cotton, and that is my favorite bedding material. It has that happy trifecta of properties, durable, porous and comfortable. Poly blends are great, but you tend to lose out in terms of breathability, making them run a little hotter. not the case here. It does mean that this is a pure weighted blanket, the lack of a mink feel means that if you are buying for a child, and want a broader sensory blanket, you will have to look elsewhere. There is an option for children available with the Amy Garden option, and it will work well if you are simply looking to have your kids fall asleep faster. Overall a bit of a mixed start to this one, but far from bad.

On the inside, we have 100% cotton again, which is both great and fairly standard in the industry. The weight is added via plastic poly pellets, and these are a fine option. I prefer glass, for the better weight distribution, but plastic does it nearly as well, and it comes with a few benefits unique to it. For one it can be machine washed and dried, so long as you are careful about your settings. I have done with to a number of builds, and they hold up very well. Amy Garden’s blanket claims that it must be dry cleaned, and for the life of me, I do not know why. The options here in terms of size and weight are fairly robust if a little lackluster. We have 36″x48″ at 5lbs, the 40″x60″ at 10lbs, the 48″x72″ at 12lbs or 15lbs, and the 60″x80″ at 15lbs. For those on the upper end of the weight range, there is not much here, but I am happy to see both a 10lbs option and a 12lbs. You don’t see those too often. A properly fitted weighted blanket is 10% of your body weight, give or take 2%, and should fit flush with your bed, with no overhang. You may not find something to suit with this range, but I think that the majority of folk are covered by these.

Amy Garden Weighted Blanket Overall Review

The mixed bag holds it seems. There is a lot to like here, but the lack of a removable cover and the fact that you have to buy it separately mars things somewhat. The sizes are fine, and the weight range is pretty good in the lower end but lacks in the upper weight ranges, and having every weight tied to a size is a bit of an issue as well. Overall, it makes a niche product more niche than it needs to be. But perhaps the price can be the saving grace.

Amy Garden Weighted Blanket Pricing & Returns Policy

The price ranges here are actually excellent, with every single item being a little below average in terms of final price. The smallest blanket, the 5lbs option, is sitting at $78.80, and while it is $10 above the cheapest on the market, it is still a good $20 below what I expected. The 10lbs option is $119.80, the 12lbs is $135.99, the small 15lbs is $129.80 and the large 15lbs is $148.80. Now, there is a caveat here. While all of these prices are excellent, the base price for the last few are massively inflated. That large 15lbs blanket is listed as being discounted down from $330, far in excess of what you can expect from others. Perhaps they are trying to make it seem like an incredible deal, instead of simply a good one? Regardless, it is a little disingenuous.

The warranty is fine, a simple 1 year of coverage, but said coverage is limited to factory faults only. This is standard in the industry, and there are no firms out there offering anything I would call a good warranty. A shame, as it would make a great selling point. I recommend you buy from Amazon if you are looking for an Amy Garden. That way in the event of an issue you have Amazon’s excellent consumer protection programs to fall back on. I came across no issue with Amy Garden mind you, but in the past when I have had issues I was able to have things resolved to my satisfaction simply by virtue of Amazon’s escalation process. That extra level of peace of mind is well worth it.

Amy Garden Weighted Blanket – Is it Worth it in 2018?

The Amy Garden is simply another okay weighted blanket on a market saturated with okay products. It is more than up to the task at hand, applying the weight well enough, and it feels great, 100% cotton is like that. the range of weights is good for some, but not for others, but if you fall into the right weight class then you are golden. The fluctuation in price is a bit of an issue for me. Claiming a 15lbs weighted blanket should be $330 at base is weird to me, and I have tested out a lot of them over the last few months. Other than that it’s average. If you happen to find one at a price you like then, by all means, grab it up, it works as well as most others.

Why Should I Buy a Weighted Blanket?

Weighted blankets have a wide variety of benefits applies to them, and I found it somewhat difficult to believe half of what I read on the press releases. When I got this project I looked into the science behind the claims, and what I found was fascinating. Much of the early research focused on the effects on children on the Autistic spectrum, and they found that weighted blankets and clothing relieved the issues experienced by those children. Time went on and new studies cropped up, this time focused on adults. Weighted blankets work in a similar manner to a hug. Pressure on the body releases serotonin, which is wonderful for those with serotonin starved issues, like anxiety. It has been shown to reduce anxiety, relieve general stress, reduce stress-related anger and help those with insomnia fall asleep. These benefits are most pronounced for those with sleep issues and anxiety already,  but studies have shown that they work with pretty much everybody. Most folk looking for a weighted blanket are trying to sleep better, and for them, I cannot recommend them enough. I have never personally slept better, and the science backs me up on that. if you want to see my sources check out my full science of weighted blankets article on sit

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Value (Price)7.5
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Many Size Options
Many Color Options
Must Be Dry Cleaned
Our Take
The Amy Garden weighted blanket offers many size and color options at an affordable price. This may be a good option for those looking to try out weighted blankets without spending a lot of money.

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