Anjee Weighted Blanket Review

Seems like I am repeating myself a lot this month, but the Anjee build is more of the same. A simple, bare-bones build, made of standard materials that doe the job. It means that the pricing section is the most important part. I can only hope that no one is going through all of the articles in one sitting, as the number of times I have to say the same thing is a little ridiculous. Of course, at their core all weighted blankets are worth it, so long as it is properly fitted and weighted then it is bound to be great. There are a few builds out there that are amazing, but the price tends to be pretty expensive. Before I break down the positives and negatives of this one we need to talk about who weighted blankets are for.

Why Should I Buy a Weighted Blanket?

Weighted blankets are very nearly magic. There are a wide variety of benefits ascribed to them, and I didn’t believe half of them, but after spending a fair amount of time researching them, I am completely convinced. If you look into it you will find them described as being able to relieve anxiety, depression, insomnia, anger issues, the difficulties involved with attention disorders and autistic spectrum disorders, and it turns out to be true.

There are a number of studies to back all this up, and I have an article on site that goes into detail and includes the studies in the citations. It works on the concept of deep touch pressure or the hug effect.  When pressure is applied to the body you release a variety of hormones, including serotonin and melatonin. They are proven to help with all of the above issues. So if you suffer from any of them, or you just want a good nights’ sleep, then, by all means, check out a weighted blanket, you will not be disappointed.

Anjee Weighted Blanket Build Quality & Materials

Finally, I was hoping to see one this month. The Anjee comes with a removable cover. And better yet, said removable cover is made of 100% pure cotton. You would be surprised to learn that both removable covers and said removable covers being cotton is exceedingly rare. It makes the Anjee a bit of a cut above the rest. A removable cover is easier to clean, without having to hang dry the entire thing, and being made of cotton comes with a few choice benefits too. Cotton is my go-to material for bedding. Cotton is durable, breathable and comfortable, in equal amounts. I have tested a variety of materials, poly blends, rayon and cellulose blends, and cotton is the best. There are no compromises in any area. There are no color options with this one again, but that is fairly normal for builds marketed at the adult set, so not a huge issue. Overall, a good start.

On the inside, we have more cotton, and I am getting sick of saying that. Every weighted blanket that I have gotten my hands on and written about uses cotton on the inside. Still a good thing, but hardly a selling point these days. The weighting materials in this build are added via poly pellets, and they are not my first choice. I prefer glass, due to the weight distribution, but there are a number of benefits to using poly that glass lacks. The main one is the fact that it can be machine washed and dried. Granted, you will need to be careful, and I have ruined a number of poly builds by drying too hot or washing too harshly. The size and weight options are limited. There is one weight size, 60 ” x 80 “, but two weight options, 15lbs and 20lbs. A properly fitted weighted blanket should not have any overhang, else it will mess with the weight distribution, and it should weight between 8 and 12 percent of your body weight too, so none of the options they sell fit me, and indeed the 15lbs options I tested was a little heavy.I get that they option available to not fit me, but there is still a lot to like here.

Anjee Weighted Blanket Overall Review

The removable cover on this option is way bigger selling point than it should be in this industry. Seen as most builds do not come with a removable cover, I am extremely happy to see it here. The weight material, poly pellets, is fine, but nothing impressive. Again, I am looking, and feeling and sleeping with, a very middle of the road option. Only the price can save this one now.

Anjee Weighted Blanket Pricing & Returns Policy

With two options to choose from one might expect the Anjee to be competitive, but that is only partially the case. The 15lbs build is $129.99, which is not a bad price, but far from the lowest I have seen. The 20lbs build is $159.99, which is actually kinda average, but seen as I worked out my average with all the high end and custom builds included that is less of a compliment than it might seem. The price of the lower end model would be very competitive with a 10% discount, but I have no idea how the 20lbs build could become viable on the market as it stands.

The warranty is the same as everyone else, a simple 1 year of limited coverage. That only covers factory faults, which is hardly a bad thing, but still less than I would have liked to see. If you go with the Anjee model then get it off, at least then you gain their customer protection policies on the side. I have made use of them in the past, and they have been a godsend when it comes to getting refunds. Well worth it.

Anjee Weighted Blanket – Is it Worth it in 2018?

The Anjee might be my favorite of the batch I got this month, though far from my favorite overall. That 100% cotton removable cover is a major selling point and should sway a fair percentage of you. The plastic pellets are not a deal breaker, though I would have preferred to see glass. The lack of options is a downside, but so long as you fall into the right size and weight class, then this is a weighted blanket that needs to be considered.

The Anjee is great, there are so many options on the market right now, and while the Anjee is not my favorite of all time, it is certainly cut from a different cloth than the other weighted blankets that I have gotten this month. If you are in the market for a new weighted blanket, or just dipping your toe in the water, then pay attention to this one.

Customer Support6
Value (Price)6.5
Reader Rating1 Vote5.8
Good Materials
Duvet Cover Costs Extra
No Mid-Weight Option
Our Take
Anjee presents us with yet another budget option for weighted blankets. Like many similar priced competitors, you'll have to pay extra for a removable cover. A duvet cover will cost you more than half the price of the blanket itself, making the Anjee blanket less of a bargain.

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