Aura Blankets Weighted Blanket Review

The Aura Blanket is one of the better options on the market, but only if you happen to fall into a very narrow window. The lack of options is a downside that simply doesn’t suit me, but there are a few folk out there for whom this might be the best low cost, prefab option on the market. It’s all down to the materials used, and the range of utility options this little blanket actually offers. When we talk weighted blankets the only things we really need to know are if it uses cotton and how is the weight added, but the ease with which it can be cleaned is just as important.  But before we break this build down we need to discuss who weighted blankets are for.

Why Should I Buy a Weighted Blanket?

Weighted blankets could be said to be for everyone. The core mechanism by which they work is called deep touch pressure, and it works on pretty much everyone. When pressure is applied to the body you release a variety of hormones, as with a hug, and these hormones aid in relaxation. There are decades of studies to back this up, and I spent a week or so looking them up and reading what I could find. You can find the science of weighted blankets article here on site, along with the citations, but in short.

The studies focused on the benefits to children with Autistic spectrum and attention disorders and found that weighted blankets and clothing helped them maintain concentration. Later studies looked into the effects on adults and found that with patients waiting for surgery, those given a weighted blanket reported far less anxiety and apprehension. There are studies to support the sleep-aiding benefits of weighted blankets as well. So if you suffer from any of the above issues, or you just want a better night’s sleep, then you need to at least try out a weighted blanket.

Aura Blankets Weighted Blanket Build Quality & Materials

The Aura Blanket comes with a removable cover, and while it might not seem to be the case with this months batch of weighted blankets, that is actually a rarity in the industry. Better still the cover is made of microfiber cotton, and that is hands down the best material for bedding. it sits in the middle ground between comfort, porousness, and durability. There are a huge number of alternative materials that could have been used, and I have checked out most of them and slept on at least half of them, and by and large, they are slightly weaker in one area and stronger in another. Cotton tends to be very cooling as well and seen as I sleep on an old style memory foam mattress, that is a bit of a must for me. Style wise we are looking at a very made of the adult market looking grey finish, with no other design options. Not a big deal, but I prefer seeing variety. Overall we are off to a good start with this one.

On the inside, we have more cotton, but all weighted blankets manage to fill their blanket with cotton. Same applies here as above, great material, probably my favorite. The weight is added via glass here, and they are my favorite. I have used plastic, glass, sand, and buckwheat, and in terms of weight distribution, the glass is the best. But there is a larger issue here, the inability to machine dry the blanket part. That can be a deal breaker for some folk, and if that is the case then a plastic build might be the better option for you in the long run. For me, so long as I can clean the cover once a week, and air dry the blanket once a month, then I am good. My personal weighted blanket is a glass build. There are no size or weight options with the Aura Blanket, so all we have is the 48″ x 78″ at 15lbs blanket. That is often touted as being suitable for most, but I have to disagree. A properly fitted weighted blanket should have no hang off, that is to say, fit flush with your bed, and it should be between 8-12% of your total body weight. With the 15lbs blanket that means a narrow section of the market for which it will work. Still, if you happen to land in the magic weight range, then there is an awful lot to like here.

Aura Blankets Weighted Blanket Overall Review

This is one of the better prefabs builds on the market, by far. The removable cotton cover is amazing, and the use of glass as the weight material is better. The lack of options is the only reason I cannot recommend this to all, as the price is similarly fantastic. Almost worth gaining 30lbs for this one.

Aura Blankets Weighted Blanket Pricing & Returns Policy

With just the one blanket to look at, the pricing section is again a little anemic. But still, the Aura Blanket 15lbs weighted blanket falls into the $152.99 price range, making it one of the more expensive blankets I got this month, but it is still far below the average. When we factor in that glass builds tend to be more expensive than the plastic builds in general, then this price becomes astounding. I have only gotten my hands on a half dozen glass based builds in the past, including the one I currently use, and the price here really is well below normal.

Much like most of the weighted blankets I have reviewed, the Aura Blanket comes with a bit of a lackluster warranty. A simple 1 year of coverage, and this is limited coverage. It only covers factory faults, so best check your blanket closely when you get it, as it is hard to argue factory fault six months down the line. I recommend you buy via, as at least then you get access to their excellent consumer protection policies, in addition to the meager few offered by Aura Blanket’s themselves. I have had to make use of Amazon’s policies a number of times in the past, and they tend to come through for me.

Aura Blankets Weighted Blanket – Is it Worth it in 2018?

I have said this only three times in the last six months, but I wish I had held off on my top ten. The Aura Blanket is one of the better options on the market right now, and if you happen to fall into the right size category, it is well worth considering. The utility on offer in terms of cleaning is fantastic, and it uses all of my favorite weighted blanket construction materials, making it a bit of a cut above.

It’s got a removable cover, and one made of cotton no less, and the weighting material is glass, excellent for weight distribution. The price is remarkably low for a glass option, and overall is just a great blanket. there are issues, obviously, the lack of customization options, the lack of other size and weight options and a lackluster warranty, but I feel the quality of the Aura Blanket shines through those shortcomings.

Customer Support6
Value (Price)7
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Removable Cover Included
Glass-Based Fill
Quality Materials
Only One Weight Available
Limited Warranty
Our Take
Overall the Aura weighted blanket is one of the better quality builds we have reviewed. The lack of weight options and limited warranty knock it down a few pegs, but the quality of material somewhat makes up for it. If 15lbs is the right size for you and you can find a good deal on price, the Aura blanket is not a bad choice.

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