Bedextra Weighted Blanket Review

A good night’s sleep is crucial for our health. Without it, our bodies won’t be able to function as well. In fact, it’ll put you at a greater risk for certain conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and stroke. Generally speaking, you want to aim for at least seven hours of sleep. Any less, and you’ll start to run into problems.

Insomnia, however, is an issue for many people. For those who’re interested in numbers, one in seven experience it long-term. Fortunately, there are ways to treat it. For example, there are medications that you can take. For those who don’t want to rely on drugs, there are other things that you can do as well. Take weighted blankets, for example—studies have shown that they have greatly increase sleep quality.

What Are Weighted Blankets?

Weighted blankets are heavy blankets that aid in relaxation. How do they work? They provide pressure, which is similar to an occupational therapy technique called deep touch pressure therapy. Put it simply, it increases the amount of serotonin in the brain, which helps to create a sense of calm. In doing so, you’re more likely to fall and stay asleep.

Aside from insomnia, they can also help with other conditions such as anxiety, ADHD, and autism. In some cases, it’s combined with other treatments such as the use of support animals and massage therapy.

The Effects of a Weighted Blanket On the Body

As it turns out, weighted blankets do more than just boost serotonin production. They also increase the levels of dopamine in the body—a neurotransmitter that’s involved in sleep regulation. Not only that, but it reduces cortisol, a stress hormone that’s associated with light sleep and frequent waking. On top of all that, they also reduce blood pressure and calm the nervous system. Given all that, it’s not surprising to know that weighted blankets have become as popular as they are today! The bottom line is—they work.

Choosing the Right Weighted Blanket

Does it surprise you that weighted blankets come in various sizes? They are blankets, after all. But wait, size isn’t the only thing that you want to consider when you’re shopping around for one. If anything, the most important thing is the weight. The last thing that you want to do is to get one that’s too heavy for your body—that’ll likely only have the opposite effect when you’re trying to go to sleep!

A general rule of thumb is to get a blanket that’s 10% of your body weight. For instance, someone who weighs 150 pounds would want to get a 15-pound blanket (plus or minus a couple of pounds is perfectly fine). There are exceptions to the rule, though. Never use these blankets for young children as there’s always a risk of suffocation. Always make sure that whoever is using it is capable of removing it themselves.

Where Can You Get a Weighted Blanket? 

There are many brands that make weighted blankets nowadays. While all of these products are essentially the same (aka they’re meant to do the same thing), they do differ in various ways. For example, it’s not uncommon for them to vary in terms of fabric and filling.

As far as retailers go, there are many that carry these products. Take Amazon, for instance—they offer numerous weighted blankets brands. The best part is that they all come with free shipping. For those of you who prefer to do your shopping offline, you can find them at retailers such as Walmart, Costco, and Target.

Bedextra Weighted Blanket Review

On this page, we’ll be taking a look at a specific brand of weighted blankets—Bedextra.

Bedextra is a fairly new brand that has only started to sell weighted blankets last year. As far as we can tell, you can only get their products on Amazon. They do not have their own store, nor are their blankets available at other retailers.

Despite that, however, they seem to be doing pretty well. At the time of this writing, they have a five-star rating from more than 800 ratings. Sure, they might not all be genuine, but it’s still impressive regardless.

As with most brands, they offer a handful of size options including:

– 41” x 60” (7 pounds)
– 41” x 60” (10 pounds)
– 48” x 72” (12 pounds)
– 48” x 72” (15 pounds)
– 60” x 80” (17 pounds)

Blanket Materials

All of their weighted blankets are made from 100% organic cotton (GOTS certified). Not only is it comfortable, but it’s also able to wick moisture away from the body. In other words, sweat won’t be staying on your skin—it’ll move towards the surface of the fabric where it will then evaporate. This will allow you to stay cool and dry during the seasons. The fact that it’s also breathable definitely helps as well!

Move towards the inside and you’ll reach the two layers of non-glue polyester padding. Soft and durable, they are designed to maintain elasticity even after being washed. The dual-layer design also prevents the leakage of beads.

As for the filling, their blankets contain high-density Hug Beads, which are both softer and quieter than glass beads. Made from quartz microspheres, they provide a cooling sensation during the summer and a cozy warmth during the winter.

Build Quality

A great thing about their blankets is that they have small compartments. It might be hard to tell in the photos but the “pockets” are much smaller than those of their competitors. This makes it much less likely for the quartz beads to clump and shift then you’re turning over at night. They’ll ensure that everything is evenly distributed, so you can get maximum benefit.

As for the stitching, it features reinforced technology. More specifically, everything is sewn with firm knitting—this prevents the beads from leaking. Durable and reliable, the blanket is likely to last a long time. Keep in mind, however, that due to the weight, it’s not recommended that you put it in the washing machine. For the best results, hand wash it in the tub.

Don’t want to deal with that? Then consider getting a removable duvet cover. It goes over the entire blanket so that the inside will remain clean. In other words, you won’t have to wash the blanket itself—you can just take off the cover and wash that instead. Sold separately, they are available in two different sizes: 48” x 72” and 60” x 80”. Unfortunately, they do not offer a duvet cover for their smallest blankets.

Pricing and Returns Policy

Their weighted blankets are priced competitively. They’re not too cheap but they’re not too pricey either. You get what you pay for, really. In terms of the actual prices, their smallest blanket (41” x 60”, 7 pounds) goes for $41.99. The next size up (41” x 60”, 10 pounds) goes for $42.99 and the one after that (48” x 72”, 12 pounds) is $47.99. Their biggest options, the 48” x 72”, 12 pounds and 60” x 80”, 17 pounds are priced at $50.99 and $59.99 respectively.

As you can see, the price goes up as you move up to the bigger options. With that said, the difference isn’t that much. If anything, it’s only a few dollar difference. Instead of paying attention to the price, it’s more important that you get one that’s the right size for you!

Worried about shipping costs? Don’t be. The blankets themselves might be heavy but doesn’t exclude them from Amazon’s free shipping. Yes, they all qualify for free shipping (two-day shipping if you’re a Prime member).

For those of you who’re interested in getting the removable duvet, it’ll cost you a bit extra. The smaller version goes for $27.99 whereas the larger one is listed for $35.99. Considering the benefits of using a cover (i.e. you won’t have to hand wash the blanket), however, I’d say that it’s well worth the money.

Not sure whether or not their weighted blankets are right for you? Give them a try anyway! You’ll be happy to know that all of their products come with free returns on Amazon. All you have to do request for a refund on the site and they’ll give you a free shipping label with which you can send the item back. Once it’s arrived at the warehouse, your money will be returned to you.

Bedextra Weighted Blanket Overall Rating

Overall, we’re very satisfied with their blankets. Not only are they made from soft organic cotton, but they feature quartz beads, which are smaller than plastic and glass alternatives. Speaking of which, we’re a big fan of the small pocket compartments. It’s definitely noticeable how little the beads shift around when you’re sleeping at night. Sure, it might not come with a duvet cover, but you can easily get one separately from their store.

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