Black Friday Weighted Blanket Deals 2020

Do you like bargains? Not a fan of paying full price for items? Well then, you’ll be happy to know that Black Friday is coming up soon. You know, the thing that comes after Thanksgiving? If anything, it’s the best day for deals. From home supplies to electronics, everything will be coming down in price! It doesn’t just apply to one store either, it’s a nationwide event. In other words, dozens of retailers will be offering their products for less. You might have to brave the crowds a bit if you head down to the store, but most would tell you that it’s worth it!

Will weighted blankets be discounted as well? Yes, they will. Not too familiar with them? Well then, let me tell you a little about them!

What Are Weighted Blankets?

Weighted blankets are meant to help with sleep. How are they different from regular blankets? They’re heavy enough to put pressure on the body. Ultimately, it’s this pressure that has a calming effect, which makes them as popular as they are today. Aside from sleep, they can also help with certain conditions such as anxiety, ADHD, and depression.They do this by increasing serotonin levels in the body. Not only that, but it also boosts melatonin production—a hormone that promotes sleep.

Choosing a Weighted Blanket

Don’t buy a weighted blanket just because it’s cheap. There are a couple of things that are more important—size and weight. After all, these are weighted blankets that we’re talking about. The last thing that you want to do is to get one that’s too heavy for your body! A general rule of thumb is to get one that’s 10 percent of your body weight. Going a couple of pounds over is alright too as long as you find it comfortable.

Weighted Blankets Black Friday 2020 Deals & Coupons

We mentioned this earlier but yes, there will be deals for weighted blankets on Black Friday. So if you want to try them, now’s the time! You can find them at a number of stores such as Kohl’s, Costco, Walmart, Target, and more. Don’t wait till the last minute, though. These things tend to go fast with price drops!

Don’t have a car? Or maybe you just don’t want to lug such a heavy thing home? How about doing your shopping online? Because many retailers offer the same deals through their site! Instead of having to drive down to the store, you can just get the item delivered to your house. You have to admit, that’s a lot more convenient!

Here are a few weighted blankets deals that you can expect in a few weeks:

1. Sleepforce Weighted Blanket

This is our top pick—and for a good reason. You see, it comes with a Minky duvet cover. In other words, it’s irresistibly soft. Not only does it feel good on your skin, but it’ll also make cleaning a breeze. Instead of having to stuff the cotton blanket in your washer, you can just take the cover off and wash that instead!

In terms of filling, the blanket comes with high-density glass pellets that are sewn in small compartments. As if that wasn’t enough, it also comes with ties on the outer layer so that you can easily attach the duvet cover. In other words, you won’t have to worry about the pellets shifting or moving; you’ll get even pressure throughout the night. Bunching will not be a problem!

The brand also offers a money-back guarantee so you can buy with confidence. If at any time, you change your mind or are not satisfied with the blanket, you can get a refund. Just contact their team and they’ll be happy to assist.

What Does the Blanket Come With?

Aside from the Minky duvet cover, the Sleepforce weighted blanket also comes with a black sleeping mask (with travel case) and a pair of earplugs. Use them together and you’ll get a night of restful sleep for sure!

Price-wise, they usually go for $200+ (the heavier the blanket, the more expensive). For Black Friday, however, the price will be coming down. The prices vary on a few different marketplaces but you can get them for over $100 off at , , & their own website. The black friday deals are for any of the sizes and all the marketplaces appear to offer free shipping with the blankets as well.

2. Tranquility Weighted Blanket (12-lb)

This weighted blanket is a good option for those who want something on the lighter side. Made from polyester, it features a plush top and a cool microfiber underside, the latter of which will keep you comfortable throughout the night. What’s more, is that it comes with a removable cover that makes it easy to clean. The glass beads are also small, which provides a nice, smooth texture. Size-wise, it’s meant to cover one person (48 inches x 72 inches)—so you might want to get two if you plan on sharing!

Just keep in mind that the blanket itself (not the cover) is spot clean only. So make sure to have the cover on otherwise it’ll be a hassle to deal with unexpected messes!

What Does the Blanket Come With?

The Tranquility weighted blanket comes with a removable cover that you can put in the washing machine.

How much does it cost? It normally sells for $69.99, which is on par with what similar blankets go for. During Black Friday last year, however, the price dropped by nearly 30%—that is, you could get it for $50! Will a similar deal come up this year? Let’s wait and see, shall we?

3. BlanQuil Weighted Blanket

The BlanQuil is another one of our favorites. Soft to the touch, the material is extremely comfortable, which makes for a great night’s sleep. Like the other blankets we’ve mentioned, it also comes with a removable cover that you can pop into the washer. As for the inside, it’s filled with glass pellets that are sewn in a knitted pattern. There are two “sizes” that you can pick from—15 and 20 pounds. No matter what you choose, you’ll be getting a blanket that’s made from some of the best materials available!

Meant for single users, each weighted blanket measures 48 inches x 74 inches. There are a few colors to choose from including navy, grey, brown, white, and black. To attach the plush cover, simply use the reinforced ties that are inside the duvet system.

What Does the Blanket Come With?

The BlanQuil weighted blanket comes with an ultra-soft micro plush cover that’s machine washable and dryer friendly. There are eight connection points inside that you can use to reduce shifting during sleep.

Their 15-pound blanket usually goes for $169, which isn’t exactly cheap. From time to time, however, it does go on sale. In fact, it dropped down to $89.99 last year during Black Friday. It was such a hot deal that it sold out quickly! Maybe we will see something similar in a couple of weeks.

Click here to view the Black Friday 2020 pricing for BlanQuil.

4. Quility Weighted Blanket

Quility is a good option if you want something that’s a little thicker. What sets it apart from others is that it features a 7-layer design that’s designed for maximum comfort. Durability-wise, it’s also great as it’s made with advanced sewing technology! While the cotton material is soft, the duvet cover that it comes with is even softer as it’s made from a plush, Minky material. Not only is it cozy, but it’ll make cleaning messes a breeze! You can remove it easily by untying the ties and unzipping the zipper.

Another wonderful thing about this product is that it’s available in several weight options. Unlike the others that we’ve mentioned earlier, which only comes in a couple of weights, this one is available in various “sizes” from 5 lbs to 30 lbs!

What Does the Blanket Come With?

The weighted blanket comes with a removable Minky cover that provides extra comfort. Like we said above, you can put it into the washing machine for easy cleaning. No need to deal with the entire blanket!

Given the fact that there are so many sizes available, it only makes sense that their prices range too. To be more specific, you’re looking at anywhere from $70 to $200+. Obviously, the smaller sizes will be cheaper than the bigger ones. What kind of discount will we see for Black Friday? It’s hard to say, but chances are, it will be coming down in price!

See the Amazon Black Friday deals for Quility blankets.

5. Degrees of Comfort Weighted Blanket

Degrees of Comfort is a well-known brand that’s known for their 100% polyester blankets. Instead of glass beads, they use ceramic pellets, which are far more durable. Not only that, but they’re finer as well, which offers a better texture when you’re covering yourself with the blanket. They also have a 10-Point Locking System that ensures that the weight will not be bunching up on one side—this lets you enjoy the full benefits of even pressure.

Perhaps the greatest thing about the blanket is that it comes with not one, but two different duvet covers. They’re not the same either—one is thinner and meant to ventilate heat while the other is thicker for the winter. So you can choose which one you want to use depending on the climate! It’s easy to secure it in place with the ten ties that are inside the system.

What Does the Blanket Come With?

The Degrees of Comfort weighted blanket comes with two duvet covers, as mentioned above. One is made from warm fleece whereas the other one features CoolMax Microfiber material.

Despite the fact that they come with two covers, the price for their blankets isn’t that bad at all. Typically, they retail for $54.99 each, which is quite reasonable. For Black Friday, however, you can get it for even cheaper. There will be a 50% off coupon on Amazon that you can use for any size, any variation! It’s definitely one of the better deals out there.

View Degrees of Comfort Black Friday deals on Amazon.

6. YnM Weighted Blanket

YnM is one of the only companies that offer designs for weighted blankets. Yup, that’s right—instead of a of solid color, you can get one with a pattern! Not only that, but there are multiple sizes to choose from too, each of which is available in different weights. For example, you can get a 5-lb blanket (36 inch x 48 inch) or a 25-lb blanket (80 inches x 87 inches). The choice is yours! Keep in mind, though, that only the king size is meant for sharing.

Featuring some of the highest standards in the industry, you won’t have to worry about the glass beads shifting and leaking out. They are all locked in place with a three-dimensional sewing method!

What Does the Blanket Come With?

The YnM weighted blanket does not come with a cover. However, there are various kinds that you can buy separately from their store.

Price-wise, it depends on the size that you get. For instance, their 5-lb blanket sells for $59.90 whereas their 25-lb blanket sells for $169.00. Regardless of what you get, however, you can take advantage of their Black Friday promo—that is, there’s a coupon that you can apply to the Amazon order (savings from $15 to $25)!

YnM Black Friday blanket deals on Amazon.

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