Brookstone Weighted Blanket Review

This is a bit different from the rest of my Weighted Blanket reviews. Brookstone is not a firm that specializes in, well, anything. They offer a wide range of products across all kinds of markets, and it has translated into a weighted blanket that is, for the most part, simply okay. It is made from decent materials, the price is fine, and the options are merely there. As a starter option, it might be worth considering, but I am getting ahead of myself. Let’s take a look at the product in question.

Why Should I Buy a Weighted Blanket?

Weighted blankets are amazing. I know, I sound like some new-ager, but really, it surprised me how great mine is. A weighted blanket is simply a blanket that weighs a few pounds, that provides consistent pressure across your entire body while you sleep, leading to a variety of positive health effects.

It works on the same principle as a hug, with the pressure stimulating the release of serotonin. this has been shown in a variety of studies, and the benefit for children with ADHD or Autistic Spectrum issues is evident. In addition, it has shown to decrease general anxiety, improve sleep and lessen the impact of anger. In short, no matter who you are, you can reap the benefits of a weighted blanket to a greater or lesser degree.

About Brookstone

Unlike all the other weighted blankets I have looked at, Brookstone is not a weighted blanket firm. They are a general hardware business that has been around in one form or another for well over 60 years. They encountered financial issues in the early 2010s, but have bounced back, thanks to a Chinese buyout, and are still operating in stores all around the country. It means that we can put our trust in that warranty, and the price should be a little more affordable.

Brookstone Weighted Blanket Build Quality & Materials

I did not go into this expecting to be all that impressed with the Brookstone build. It is not handcrafted locally, and there are zero customization options, but the core design of the build is actually pretty good. The cover material is made entirely of cotton, and I love cotton. It is the holy grail of bedding materials, having the triad of properties in spades, comfortable, durable and breathable. Many other firms have gone for poly blends, and while they gain in durability, they lose out in breathability, and that is not a sacrifice I would be willing to make. There are a number of options in terms of style, but none of them is anything to write home about. Blue, tan and navy. All of them are the same price.

The inside is cotton based as well, a real feather in their cap, but the size is correlated with the weight. The smaller you buy the lighter it is, making it impossible to dial in what it is you need. It is common knowledge that a properly built weighted blanket weighs 10% of your body weight, and the fact that the sizes are linked to the weight means that if you weigh a certain amount you are forced to buy a certain size. The sizes are as follows

  • X- Small: 36″L x 32″W x 0.5″H; Weight: 5 lbs
  • Small: 42″L x 36″W x 0.5″H; Weight: 8 lbs
  • Medium: 54″L x 42″W x 0.5″H; Weight: 12 lbs
  • Large: 72″L x 54″W x 0.5″H; Weight: 16 lbs
  • X- Large: 80″L x 57″W x 0.5″H; Weight: 25 lbs

I do like that the weights are a little all over the place, rather than in increments of five, should make it easier to find what you need. In addition, a 12lbs blanket caters to the female market, something that both Gravity and Rocabi seem to have ignored but if you weigh 150lbs but sleep in a small bed you are out of luck, as a weighted blanket should never hang over the side. It’s a shame, as the materials are actually pretty good.

Brookstone Weighted Blanket Overall Review

This is a hard sell. On one hand, they might stock exactly what you need, but if the weight/size does not match you then buying is a waste of money. The materials are top notch, and the core product is excellent when the stars align, but it is far too circumstantial.

Brookstone Weighted Blanket Pricing & Returns Policy

Ah, the price. It is here that I expected the Brookstone option to really knock it out of the park. I mean, they are a large firm, but sadly that simply isn’t the case, If anything the prices are in the median. The x-small is sitting at $128.99, making it more expensive than a bespoke option. The largest size is $270.99, far in excess of my recommendations. This is all with a discount already applies, making the prices all the more… unfortunate.

Brookstone at least offers an impressive warranty, a full year of coverage, on top of a full 60-day return policy. No other weighted blanket company can match that, and I have checked. The warranty is limited though, covering only manufacturer issues. There is an extended warranty, with a 2-year plan priced at $29.99 and a four-year plan at $39.99. Far from a bad option, if long-term peace of mind is a concern for you.

Brookstone Weighted Blanket – Is it Worth it in 2018?

I wish I could recommend this option. It is made from great materials, and the product itself certainly has a market, but the lack of options and the high price is far too much for me to bear. A weighted blanket is more than simply a heavy blanket. It is a medical tool, used to treat a variety of issues, and unless you know what you are buying you will not see any benefits. 10% of your body weight is the golden rule, and here, on the Brookstone site, they tell people who weigh 156lbs that a 25lb blanket will suit them fine. It will not. Nearly $300 for the top size is a touch on the ridiculous side as well. if you are in the market for a weighted blanket then I think you might be better served elsewhere.

Customer Support7
Value (Price)5.5
Reader Rating1 Vote6.8
Quality Materials
60 Day Return Policy
Comparatively Expensive
Lack of Size/Weight Options
Our Take
Despite the brand's positive reputation, Brookstone's weighted blanket misses the mark on a few things that we consider important. The materials are high quality as you'd expect from Brookstone but the price point is a bit too high and the absence of more weight/size options is disappointing. You're better off buying from a company that specializes in weighted blankets.

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