CuddleBug Weighted Blanket Review

Weighted blankets are known for their ability to improve sleep and relieve stress. While it depends on the individual product, most of them weigh at least 15 pounds. Interestingly enough, they were originally developed for those with special needs. More specifically, they have been used as a type of sensory integration therapy—a technique that is often used by occupational therapists—for many years. Recently, however, more and more people have begun to use them on a regular basis. If anything, they have become mainstream. In addition to children, many of whom use these blankets as a sleep aid, they can be effective for adults as well. After all, everybody could use a little help in relaxing every once in a while.

What Makes Them So Heavy?

Now you’re probably wondering, “What makes these blankets so heavy?” The answer is—they contain different materials. Unlike regular blankets, these are often filled with plastic pellets or glass beads, both of which add a fair amount of weight to the product. By applying pressure, they help the body to relax; in return, this helps to improve sleep.

As a general rule, you’ll want the blanket to be 10% of your total body weight—plus or minus a couple of pounds.

Why Should I Use a Weighted Blanket?

It’s not surprising to know that these blankets come with a list of benefits. After all, they are regularly used by occupational therapists. Aside from the obvious—that is, to help improve sleep—they can be great for a number of other reasons. For instance, they can be used to reduce anxiety. As a matter of fact, they have been shown to boost serotonin levels, a chemical that is known for regulating mood.

Other benefits:

  • Helps to calm down the nervous system
  • Can be used to combat conditions caused by low serotonin levels such as PTSD and bipolar disorder
  • They mimic hugs, something that can lead to the release of oxytocin—a hormone that reduces blood pressure, decreases heart rate, and promotes relaxation
  • Reduces cortisol, a stress hormone that can prevent sleep
  • Triggers the release of melatonin, a hormone that regulates the sleep cycle

Who Shouldn’t Use Weighted Blankets?

As great as they may be, weighted blankets are not ideal for those with certain conditions. For instance, they are not recommended for individuals with breathing difficulties such as sleep apnea or asthma, high blood pressure, diabetes, circulation problems, or fragile skin.

They should also be avoided if there are open wounds in the skin. Never use them with infants under the age of two as the results can be fatal. In fact, it’s almost always a good idea to first consult with their doctor first.

About CuddleBug

CuddleBug is an Oregon-based company that is mainly known for their baby wraps and cotton swaddles. In recent years, however, they have also begun to manufacture weighted blankets. Despite their growing popularity, their products are only available for purchase online (mainly through their official website, though they can also be found on Amazon). By keeping costs low, a principle that they strongly believe in, they are able to pass on a significant amount of savings to the consumer. Compared to some of the leading brands, their products are also significantly cheaper. On top of all that, they offer a Lifetime Guarantee on all of their blankets.

For more information on the brand, you can always check out their official website by clicking here.

Blanket Materials

The CuddleBug Weighted Blanket features a premium cotton construction that is both breathable and soft to the touch. Great for all weather conditions, it contains non-toxic glass beads that ensure even distribution of weight throughout. Highly versatile, the product can be used in almost any setting. For instance, you can easily use it as a throw blanket while watching television on the couch. Of course, you can use it outside of the home as well! As a matter of fact, it is great for road trips!

Given that it’s made out of cotton, the blanket is machine washable. Just lay it flat to dry when the cycle is done.

Build Quality

The CuddleBug Weighted Blanket is soft and well constructed. Despite its low price, the product is very sturdy. Not only that, but it keeps you nice and warm. Calm and soothing, the weight is just enough so that it feels like you’re being hugged. In fact, many people have expressed that it feels like you’re tucked in all night. 

Whether you have insomnia, or just trouble sleeping, it will help your body to relax. You’ll be surprised just how good of a sleep you’ll be able to get! Of course, it is effective even if you normally toss and turn throughout the night. After using it, you’ll start to wonder how you can ever sleep without it!

For those who are curious—yes, it is machine washable; you can also put it in the dryer. More specifically, you can wash then on a cold, gentle setting (it’s a good idea to include a towel as that can help to prevent the machine from becoming off-balance). With that said, a blanket is a blanket. No matter how gentle you are with it, it does have a life span. To extend the life of the product, it’s highly recommended that you use a duvet as that will reduce the number of washes. Of course, you can also spot clean with a suitable cleaner.

Note: CuddleBug recommends that you use a commercial washer and dryer if the blanket is over 12 pounds. Do not microwave, dry clean, or iron the product.

Pricing and Returns Policy

The CuddleBug Weighted Blanket is great in that it is fairly inexpensive. At the time of this writing, Amazon has the 15-pound version for $110.95 and the 20-pound version for $145.95. Compared to some of the other ones that are on the site, this is definitely on the low end price-wise. On top of that, the company offers a lifetime guarantee on the blanket. If there are issues with the product, you might also be eligible for a free replacement. Considering all that, there’s really nothing to lose. Why not give it a try and see if it will improve the quality of your sleep?

In terms of their return policy, CuddleBug will offer a full refund if the blanket is returned in its original condition within 30 days of purchase. There is one thing though—you can only get an online store credit if you purchase directly from their official website; just something to keep in mind if you are planning on buying it on Amazon. 

CuddleBug Weighted Blanket Overall Rating

All in all, the product is a great choice if you’re looking to experiment with using a weighted blanket. Not only is it made out of premium cotton, but it contains a glass bead filling that ensures that the weight is spread out evenly throughout. As far as downfalls go, the only thing is that it can only be washed a certain amount of times. After that, the material will start to wear out. Fortunately, you can bypass that problem by using a duvet. If you’re handy, you can even make one yourself! Go ahead, give it a try. With their hassle-free money back guarantee, there’s nothing to lose!

Customer Support9
Value (Price)8.5
Reader Rating10 Votes5.9
An affordable option
Made out of premium cotton
Can only be washed a certain amount of times
Commercial washer necessary if blanket is over 12 pounds
Our Take
The CuddleBug Weighted Blanket is soft and comfortable—it might just be what you need for a good night’s sleep! Highly versatile, it can be used on a variety of settings. For instance, you can use it in bed or on the sofa while reading your favorite book. Made to last, it can be put in the wash; it can also be spot cleaned. Not only is it affordable, but it even comes with a money guarantee. There are a few things that you might want to consider before getting it though. For one thing, it’s not meant to be washed regularly. Second of all, you’ll need to use a commercial washer if it’s over 12 pounds. If you can look past that, though, it’s a great sleep aid.

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