Falsleep Weighted Blanket Review

Falsleep offer the most options out of all the blankets I managed to get my hands on this month, but not by much. Weighted blankets are very interchangeable, and so long as you know what you need going in, almost all of them will perform identically. But there are a few choice materials that stand out from the rest, and the Falsleep happens to use one of them. It makes it easier to recommend this one, and with a price lower than I expected it becomes a real contender for a certain kind of person. Before I break down the positives and negatives, we first have to look at who weighted blankets are for in the first place.

Why Should I Buy a Weighted Blanket?

Weighted blankets are modern day magic. Simply using one has been proven to reduce anxiety, alleviate depression, aid in the treatment of insomnia, ADHD, ASD, and many other afflictions. Sounds a little far-fetched, or at least I thought so, so I looked into it. First article I wrote on site is called The Science of Weighted Blankets, and I found studies going back decades that investigated the phenomena. So the above is true, and you can read the studies if you like, you’ll find them linked at the bottom of my science of weighted blankets article.

It works via a process called deep touch pressure. When pressure is applied to the body you release a variety of hormones, mainly serotonin, and melatonin. These help you relax and promote sleep. When it comes to depression and anxiety, every little bit of serotonin helps. So if you suffer from any of the above issues, or you just want a better night’s sleep, then you need to get yourself a weighted blanket. There could also be no better time to buy than now, what with how flooded the market is.

Falsleep Weighted Blanket Build Quality & Materials

The Falsleep topper material is made of pure 100% cotton. I have been very open about my love of cotton. I spent a year or so testing and reviewing mattresses, and have gotten very familiar with a variety of material choices. Cotton is the best of them. Some are more comfortable, more durable and more breathable, but none combine all three in the way that cotton does. I have been using a classic memory foam based bed for a while now, and they tend to retain heat something shocking, so the use of cotton to dissipate the heat is a must for me. Unfortunately, the cover is not removable, and that is going to cause issues with the Falsleep weight material. Makes it a bit of a chore to clean the thing, and doubly so… but I am getting ahead of myself. There are a couple of color options with this one, the classic adult weighted blanket grey, and the more vibrant blue. I like the blue, but I tend to get the grey when it comes to weighted blankets. Nice to see a few options though, and most firms only offer one color. Not a bad start, but there are areas that I am unhappy with. Getting a third party cover for a weighted blanket is a bit of a chore, as they do not come in standard sizes.

Moving on to the inside of the Falsleep weighted blanket, and what we have is more cotton. Same applies here as what I said above, but seen as most firms get cotton for their inner material, it is hardly a boon to the Falsleep. The weight here is added via glass, and that is my favorite weight material in these things. Most firms go for plastic, which has its benefits but lacks the supreme weight distribution of the glass. The downside of glass is that while you are able to cold wash it in a machine, you are unable to machine dry it, even on a low heat. It can wreck the thing. Not a deal breaker for me, but I appreciate that you may have less time on your hands. The Falsleep weighted blanket comes in just the one size, 60 ” x 80 “, but has two weight options to choose from, 15lbs and 20lbs. I fall outside of the ideal range, but then I am used to testing out blankets a touch too heavy for me. A properly fitted weighted blanket should be between 8-12% of your total body weight and fit flush with your mattress. If you fall outside that range then you will have to look elsewhere, but for those in that magic area, this is a very fine build.

Falsleep Weighted Blanket Overall Review

The lack of a removable cover is a major oversight in the design of this one. At least with the plastic builds you can machine dry them, but with the glass, you need to do everything you can to mitigate the issues on the manufactory end. All that said, if you don’t mind air drying it every once in a while, you are in for a treat. The feel of the build is fantastic, and the feel of glass is better. Good construction, good materials, a great option, even if they did overlook the utility side of things. The issue with glass is that they tend to be a touch more expensive than the plastic builds, so let’s check out how Falsleep priced theirs.

Falsleep Weighted Blanket Pricing & Returns Policy

The Falsleep range is a bit limited, which means my pricing section tends to look a little anemic. Still, I do my best to flesh the section out. Here we have two options and two prices. The lighter 15lbs build comes in at $128.98, while the larger 20lbs build sits at $198. Talk about a hell of a jump, that might be the biggest jump from one size to another I have ever seen. The price of the 15lbs build is excellent, well worth considering, but if you need the bigger one, you are better off looking elsewhere. Just this week I saw one priced at $130, so Falsleep might have missed a trick setting theirs so highly.

The warranty is the standard 1 year of limited coverage that you see with every weighted blanket on the market right now. Not bad, but far from amazing. It only covers factory faults, so be sure to check your purchase carefully. It tends to be a little difficult to get any firm to honor a limited warranty six months after a purchase. Falsleep does go above and beyond though, with a solid 30-day money back guarantee. It is rarely offered by a weighted blanket firm, so I am very happy to see it here. I recommend you buy via Amazon.com as well, as then you get their superb consumer protection policies. It is well worth it for the added peace of mind, and they have dug me out of a few holes in the past too.

Falsleep Weighted Blanket – Is it Worth it in 2018?

The Falsleep build is not bad. A combination of great materials and a good price, for the 15lbs model at the very least, makes this pretty easy to recommend. there are downsides, the lack of a removable cover, the chore that is cleaning a glass-based weighted blanket, and the ludicrous price of the 20lbs model, but I feel as though the benefits outweigh them. Glass feel better, it is a complete cotton build, and it comes with a little extra peace of mind via the guarantee. If you are in the market for a 15lbs weight blanket, this is one to consider.

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Value (Price)5
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Quality Materials
Glass Bead Fill
No Removable Cover
Difficult to Clean
Expensive 20lb Option
Our Take
Despite the drastic jump in price between the 15lb and 20lb models, Falsleep's weighted blanket still seems like a decent buy. The glass bead fill is a nice feature but we wish it came with a removable cover. If you're looking for a 15lb blanket, the Falsleep is not a bad choice for the price.

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