Good Knight Weighted Blanket Review

Good Knight is a brand owned by DBD Products, based out of Utah. This might make you think that this is a homegrown weighted blanket, and all that entails, but alas it is a high-quality import option. The lack of options makes it far more niche than this already niche product needs to be. If you happen to fall into a few categories, then there is a lot to like here, but for those of us under 140lbs or so then you would better served elsewhere. Still with me? Good, this is still a fine blanket, and well worth considering.

Why Should I Buy a Weighted Blanket?

There are a myriad of reasons to buy a weighted blanket. I did my research, looked up a wide variety of studies, and wrote my science of weighted blankets article just a few months back. Much of the early research focused on the effects on children with Autism, or Attention disorders, and showed that the release of serotonin proved beneficial.

Since then we have seen more and more studies looking at the broad spectrum effects of sleeping with a weighted blanket, and in all cases, we see an improvement in mood, sleep quality and speed with which sleep was achieved. This affects not only those with anxiety, anger issues or insomnia, but also the layperson, who simply wants a better nights sleep. I highly recommend you pick one up, see how you like it.

Good Knight Weighted Blanket Build Quality & Materials

Another basic option, the Good Knight build is made from the highest quality materials, but it lacks broad reaching options, thus limiting the market for it. The outer layer is made of cotton, and I am a big fan of it. I have been reviewing beds and bedding for a number of years now, and no other material matches cotton. It combines breathability, durability, and comfort in a way that nothing else can quite manage, with a gain in one area usually being matched by a loss in another. There is no sensory cover here, so if you need something for you children then better to look elsewhere. Overall this is a good start though.

On the inside, we see more cotton, which is common in this industry. The weight is added by poly pellets, and they are my second favorite weighting material. Not quite as good as glass in terms of weight distribution, but plastic comes with its own benefits. First, it is hypoallergenic, second, it is far easier to wash and dry. Glass must be hand washed and air dried, while plastic can go in the machine, so long as the heat is set to low. The added utility here is a major selling point. The lack of weight and size options with the Good Knight build is a huge downside, there are only two. Both are 60″ x 80″, with weights limited to 15lbs and 17lns. I like both of those weight options, but still. If you fall out of the narrow weight window, or even the bed size window, then you are out of luck here and must look elsewhere. A weighted blanket must weigh 10% of your body weight, and there should be no overlap in your bed, else the pressure changes.

Good Knight Weighted Blanket Overall Review

There is little here that stands out to be honest. The core of the build is fine, but there are quite a few comparable products on the market right now. I like the 17lbs blanket, as it is rare to see that weight in this kinda weighted blanket. The lack of a cover is a minor issue, the lack of smaller sizes is a bigger one. If you weigh between 140lbs and 185lbs and have a large bed then this may well be the right blanket for you. A great build, marred by a few glaring shortcomings.

Good Knight Weighted Blanket Pricing & Returns Policy

There are only two blankets to choose from here, which does make the pricing section easy to write. The smaller of the two is $119.99, while the larger 17lbs blanket is $139.99. Considering the large 60″ x 80″ form factor on both that is an amazing price. A comparable blanket from a bespoke retailer would cost twice as much. If you happen to fall into the right weight class then you can make a hell of a saving with this model. There is one final issue to talk about though.

The Warranty is far from amazing. A simple year of limited coverage. Never been a big fan of short, limited warranties. With mattresses, you get years of coverage, and extensive coverage at that, here you must prove a manufacturer’s fault. I recommend you buy from Amazon, as then you gain their consumer protection policies on top of the warranty. In the unlikely event that you do have to send the blanket back you can rest easy knowing that Amazon will act as a Liason between the seller and yourself, should you have issues.

Good Knight Weighted Blanket – Is it Worth it in 2018?

The Good Knight is far too niche for me to recommend. I like the price, and a solid $90 saving in the 140lbs-160lbs weight range is great, but that is far too specific for me. The large size of the blanket is another issue, and without a range of options, you need to essentially get lucky. At the end of the day, the blanket isn’t for me, but I can at least appreciate what is there. Well chosen and comfortable materials, a versatile blanket, able to be cleaned and dried on the fly, and an amazing price to boot. I prefer a bespoke blanket, but this is certainly an interesting alternative.

Customer Support6.5
Value (Price)8
Reader Rating1 Vote0.1
Mid-Tier Weight of 17lbs Offered
Large Size
1 Year Limited Warranty
Sizing is Made for Very Specific Needs
Our Take
Good Knight Blankets are offered at an economy price but they are made for a very specific weight range. Be sure to fully read all details before purchasing.

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