Gravity Blanket Review – Is it Worth It?

This is an interesting one. The last weighted Blanket I was able to check out was the Sensacalm, a firm with more options that you could imagine. Today I am looking at the Gravity Blanket, a Kickstarter success story, with a more streamlined product. This one is marketed to adults, less so at young children, and so we are looking at only three options available.

Why Should I Buy a Weighted Blanket?

Weighted blankets have been around for a long time, and the health benefits of them are well known. They are essential blankets that weigh more than others, leading to a hug like the release of serotonin when used. It is the serotonin we are after, and study after study has shown that they reduce anxiety, help with depression, can be used in the treatment of Autistic Spectrum Disorders and ADHD, and help insomnia suffers get some much-needed rest.

I spent the better part of a few days looking all this up, I was skeptical as well, but the stats confirm it, and if you want to check out those studies yourself you can read my full write up here on the Gazette. If you want a little extra relief, weighted blankets work on everybody to some degree.

About Gravity Blankets

Gravity is a “health tech” startup only now entering the weighted blanket market. Their product is simple and streamlined. They spent the guts of a year researching, and have poured that knowledge into a Kickstarter campaign. It was hugely successful, pulling in $4.7 million. An impressive sum. They are targeting their current product at adults, one blanket per person, and shipped their first product just this month, with plans to expand the line before the end of 2018.

The Gravity Weighted Blanket Build Quality & Materials

First the outer material. I cannot find the actual composition of it. It is a lovely soft fabric, referred to in-house as a micro plush fabric, and I am a fan. The design is simple, and while I am not a fan of grey, my partner loves it. It is warm though, so if you have issues with overheating in bed, looking at you memory foam, then I recommend you just remove it. The material inside is 100% cotton, and cotton is probably the best material for bedding. Comfortable, breathable and durable, the triad. I have already looked at a number of different weighted blanket options, and while most of them sport a removable cover, not all do. Both the inside and the outside are machine washable. Unlike other builds there is no poly-fil, so the Gravity avoids that unsightly bulbous look that you get with the typical weighted blanket. Overall they made some great material choices and even better aesthetic ones.

This is a one size fits all product. Gravity Blankets are still technically a startup, with most of their operating revenue coming from the Kickstarter campaign. The product has shipped, but I do not know how much, nor how popular it is. The Gravity Weighted Blanket is 48”x72”, so a good size, but very much for one user at a time. If you have a partner then they will need one of their own. They intend to expand the line by the end of the year, with an eye towards couples weighted blankets. The weight options are limited, and far from where I would like to see them. They know that 10% is the ideal weight, and yet they offer a 15-pound blanket to a 100-pound person. Not a great start, but considering the overall quality, it is not a huge black mark.The weight material is also unknown at this time, but if I were to infer from the details they have provided I would say it is glass beads on the inside. There is no mentioned of it being dryer safe, which plastic beads are, so best to err on the side of caution here.

The Gravity Weighted Blanket Pricing & Returns Policy

And the price. With so limited a range it makes talking about the price a touch easier than with other firms. They offer just the one price, $279. Not bad, but I know of companies offering a full Queen for that price, and this is not quite that big. There is currently a discount, down to $249, which makes it a little better, more on par with what I would expect. I think due to the market they are aiming at they feel the price is fair, and it is hard to argue with that. Delivery in the US is free though, which is a nice touch.

The warranty is a little more worrisome. This is a new firm, so there is no guarantee that they will be around in the future to honor the warranty. What they offer right now is well below par for the weighted blanket market. A simple 30 day return policy, which could not be used before January 7. An interesting caveat that, but seen as they were ramping up for the first shipment at the time, not something I can complain about. I would like to see them implement a more consumer-friendly after sale support package, but I suppose we cannot ask for the world from this promising startup.

The Gravity Weighted Blanket Additional Information

As mentioned, this is merely the first in a planned line of products. The weighted blanket market has a whole lot more to offer, in terms of design, customization, and pricing. So what we have from Gravity is the bones of what’s to come. Assuming all goes well and considering that Kickstarter I imagine it will go well, we will see a whole range of Gravity weighted products, with an eye towards the adult market. I would like to see a few more nuanced weights, adding the 8s would be wonderful, and the duplex weighted blanket, for two people.

The Gravity Weighted Blanket – Is it Worth it in 2018?

That is a hard question to answer. It is clear that what they have is good. The research was done, and the marketing is wonderful, but the lack of customization, in a market rife with it, makes it a little hard to recommend the Gravity. The price is great, and if this ticks all of your boxes, then I have to say go for it, but if you want something bigger, then there are other options right now.

Overall, an excellent start for the firm, hope to see more going forward in 2018.

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Value (Price)5.5
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Our Take
The Gravity blanket is a strong product. The look, the materials used, and the overall presentation is on point. The main issues with the product come down to customer support, potential quality control issues (due to growth), and the price compared to other products of similar quality. If money isn't a concern the gravity blanket is a solid choice.

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