Hiseeme Weighted Blanket Review

The Hiseeme weighted blanket line is unique on the market right now. A combination of size and weights that seem better suited to adults, with designs and side features that cater to the children’s market. I like them, don’t get me wrong, but I feel as though I am missing something when I look through their line and try them out. The best thing here though is the price, which is a shade or two below the average right now, making them very attractive to the thriftier buyer. But before we dive into the review proper we need to figure out who weighted blankets are for.

Why Should I Buy a Weighted Blanket?

Weighted blankets are mostly for everyone. There are those of us who get a larger benefit from using them, but they have been proven to aid anyone in falling asleep. The science behind it is fascinating and works on a concept called deep touch pressure, or the hug effect. When pressure is applied to the body you release a variety of hormones, such as serotonin and melatonin. This has been shown in studies to reduce anxiety, depression, anger and alleviate insomnia. I didn’t believe it at first, so when I got handed my first weighted blanket I looked into it.

You can find it here on site, the science of weighted blankets, but so far as I can find out, there are numerous, unconnected studies that all point to the claims being true. In addition, early studies showed the positives for kids with attention or autistic spectrum disorders as well. If you suffer from any of the above issues then a weighted blanket will help you a great deal, if you do not, then a weighted blanket will still give you a better night’s sleep.

Hiseeme Blankets Weighted Blanket Build Quality & Materials

Best to start with the topper material. Here we have a removable cover, but the material used is far from my favorite. Removable covers are seldom seen in the prefab weighted blanket market, and I love seeing it here. It makes cleaning the thing a hell of a lot easier. The material used is a mink-like poly blend, and while there are some benefits to it, such as the excellent feel, I don’t think it is quite as breathable as cotton. The mink finish to this cover is more for children, usually referred to as a sensory blanket, but the 15lbs build is a little far too heavy for kids. There are a little over a dozen designs to choose from though, which is very rare in the prefab weighted blanket market. I went for the starry design, and it looks great, the printing is high quality. Overall a fine array of features. Hiseeme have managed to craft a blanket that hits a very broad section of the market, a good start.

On the inside we have cotton, but that is pretty standard in the industry. Cotton manages to combine those three features we all need most from our bedding in roughly equal amounts, porousness, comfort, and durability. Other options are great but tend to be stronger in one area while sacrificing another. The weighting material is added with plastic poly pellets, which work very well, but don’t feel quite as good as glass beads. The glass has the better weight distribution, but you cannot wash or dry it in a machine, lowering the utility. The plastic poly pellets can be washed and dried in a machine, though you have to keep it at a low heat. It is a godsend when you buy for a child, for whom you will likely have to wash the duvet more often. There are a couple of weight and size options here, though as it is a prefab build there are fewer than I would like. The smaller blanket is 41″ x 60″ and comes in 7lbs, 10lbs, and 15lbs. The 60″ x 80″ larger size comes only in 15lbs and 20lbs. Remember when buying that a properly fitted weighted blanket that there should be no hang off on your bed, fit flush and the most effective weight is between 8-12% of your total body weight. Do not buy a weighted blanket for any child under 5-6.

Hiseeme Blankets Weighted Blanket Overall Review

This is a great weighted blanket. With weighted blankets, removable covers, a variety of cover designs, two different size options and four weights, count as bonus features and having that all here is a huge incentive. The use of a mink-like cover material is not for me, but I know who it is for, and the plastic is far from my favorite in terms of feel, but it comes with a number of benefits that most folk will find attractive. The only thing left is to talk about the price, and the Hiseeme really knocks this one out of the park.

Hiseeme Blankets Weighted Blanket Pricing & Returns Policy

The middle option that I went for is currently priced at $169 flat, and that is a good $20 below the market average right now. When we factor in the other benefits of this build, it becomes doubly impressive that they charge so little for it. The smaller sized models are $119 for the 7lbs build, $84 for the 10lbs model, and $149 for the small 15lbs model. The other large size, the 20lbs model, is $189. That small 10lbs model is way cheaper than it should be, but across the board the prices are great.

The warranty is fine, that simple 1 year of limited coverage. That only covers factory faults though, so I recommend you go over the build with a fine-toothed comb just to be sure of the quality upon arrival, it is far harder to get a firm to make good on a limited warranty six months after purchase. Hiseeme also after a lifetime of aftersale support, and I recommend you buy via Amazon to get access to Amazon.com’s aftersale support as well. The extras peace of mind is well worth it, and I have used Amazon on a number of occasions, and they have yet to let me down.

Hiseeme Blankets Weighted Blanket – Is it Worth it in 2018?

I would have to say very yes. The Hiseeme offers a complete product, and while I believe there are some underlying issues with the end result, it is still a cut above the vast majority of prefab builds on the market right now. The internals are great, the externals are great, but best of all the prices are amazing. The added warranty is icing on the cake really.

I love seeing removable covers, and while I admit to thinking of the mink-like poly blends as the lesser option, the utility it offers cannot be overlooked. The weight material is standard, but far from low quality, and again it adds to the utility of the overall design. The range of weight options on sale is great, and something I hope more firms adopt. The prices vary, but if you can find it as listed here, then, by all means, give it a go, the Hiseeme is a fine weighted blanket.

Customer Support6
Value (Price)7.5
Reader Rating3 Votes6
Many Size/Color Options
Cover Included
Limited Warranty
Poly Blend Cover
Our Take
Hiseeme's weighted blanket does a great job of separating itself from the pack of other budget-friendly blankets. The amount of options available is a big plus and the removable covers are a nice feature in this price range. If you're not overly concerned with the internal materials and are looking for a weighted blanket that doesn't break the bank, the Hiseeme blanket is a good choice.

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