HomeSmart Weighted Blanket Review

Similar to last months build, the HomeSmart is another large size only build that purports to being a broad spectrum build. They offer a few weight options this time though, and while it is hardly extensive, it does allow this build to hit more of the market. There are a number of inherent claims made by this build, and ones that go against what I know to be true, but I will get to that in a moment. First, we need to make sure that you need a weighted blanket in the first place.

Why Should I Buy a Weighted Blanket?

Weighted blankets have a whole host of benefits to pretty much anyone, but for certain people, they are a must. I found it difficult to believe some of the claims made about weighted blankets, that they cure depression and anxiety, reduce anger, allow anyone to sleep deeper and better, so I took a few weeks to research the claims. Turns out there have been a huge number of studies done on the effects of weighted blankets and clothing. Most of the early studies were focused on the effects on children, specifically those with spectrum disorders or attention difficulties. They were promising, showing a marketed improvement in most cases.

The later studies focused on the more broad reaching ramifications, and they too showed positive results, showing that those with anxiety report less stress when sleeping with a weighted blanket, and those with anger issues report being better able to keep a handle on themselves. It turns out that this is due to something called deep touch pressure. when pressure is applied to the body, such as with a weighted blanket, or a hug, you release serotonin and melatonin. Both can help with all of these disorders and disturbances. If you suffer from anxiety, or just want a better nights sleep, then a weighted blanket would help you greatly.

HomeSmart Weighted Blanket Build Quality & Materials

Out of the gate, we have a nice big build. I don’t really have a bed of equal size to this option, so it really isn’t being marketed to me, but the level of overall quality of the build is impressive none the less. The outer material is made from 100% cotton, and I have gone on record proclaiming cotton as the best bedding material out there. It sits in the middle of the triangle, breathable, durable and comfortable, and manages to have all three facets in spades. Some prefer a poly blend, but you tend to lose out in breathability with those, and the pure synthetics, while more durable, are arguably less comfortable. If you sleep on memory foam then you want cotton for its breathability, otherwise, you risk running too hot while trying to sleep. There are no color options here, which is a shame, but worst of all the cover is not removable. If you want to clean this build you will have to shove it all in every time, and that greatly reduces the utility of the product. HomeSmart have stated to me that they are in the process of getting a few custom covers sorted out, with different feels, and that is pretty good, it is not an ideal solution, as you will have to pay extra for them.

On the inside, we have more cotton, which is pretty standard. Most major weighted blankets manage to fill their build with cotton, and it maintains heat well. the weight is added via poly pellets here, and they are not too bad. I prefer glass pellets, due to the more even weight distribution, but poly pellets work well and come with a variety of benefits unique to them. Chief among them is the ability to machine dry the build. I recommend that you keep the temperature nice and low when you do that though, I stress tested a build a few months back, and pretty much any heat above the minimum will all but destroy a weighted blanket. It is still faster than hang drying though. The size of all the HomeSmart weighted blankets is 60 ” x  80 “, and I can see the appeal, but I feel like it flies in the face of the standard. A properly fitted weighted blanket should not hang off your bed, i.e. it should fit flush. The weight options here are 15lbs and 17lbs, both nice broad reaching weights, but since a weighted blanket should be between 8-12% of your body weight, there are a number of people not served by the options available here.

HomeSmart Weighted Blanket Overall Review

Not a bad build at all. Good material choices, great durability, and a few weights to choose. I still think it is too large, and the lack overall options will hurt the company. In addition, the lack of a cover can be a deal breaker for some, and charging extra for one in the future is not the option I would go with.

HomeSmart Weighted Blanket Pricing & Returns Policy

Price wise the HomeSmart is not bad. The 15lbs build is $137.97 and considering the size profile of the build that is on the low end by far. The quality of the construction is top notch, making this a fine deal. The 17lbs build is $157.97, which is still a damn good price if you fit into the narrow window of applicability.

The warranty is exactly what I have come to expect out of a weighted blanket. Seems to me that these days warranties only really cover factory faults, making them limited warranties rather than true warranties. Here we get 1 year of coverage, so be sure to thoroughly look over your weighted blanket when you get it. I recommend buying via, they have the best consumer protection policies on the market, and they have helped me out a few times int he past with an unruly seller. The extra peace of mind s well worth it.

HomeSmart Weighted Blanket – Is it Worth it in 2018?

A tough call. I like how the build feels, and the construction is great. The outer material being 100% cotton is great, and the price is on the low end for such a large build. But, I have spent the last year researching weighted blankets, testing out different builds, and I know there are options out there to suit everyone. The best builds are bespoke, made to order, and the price these days is low enough that getting a prefab build is making less and less sense. What is here is good, if you happen upon the HomeSmart and it fits your needs, then, by all means, give it a go.

Customer Support6.5
Value (Price)6
Reader Rating0 Votes0
400 Thread Count Bamboo Cover Included
Many Size/Color Options
60 Day Money Back Guarantee
Color/Size Variations Frequently Out of Stock
Higher Price Than Competitors
Our Take
The HomeSmart weighted blanket comes in a wide variety of sizes and colors - if you can find them in stock. It comes with a 400 TC bamboo cover which is nice, but it is priced higher than similar alternatives.

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