Hypnoser Blanket Review

The vast majority of the weighted blankets I have reviewed have been bespoke, US made and excellent. Today I will be testing out a Hypnoser, a low-cost option from China. Normally that means lower prices and lesser warranties, while still maintaining a certain level of quality, but the thing about weighted blankets that many people overlook is the importance of the right weight and the right size. When you buy a prefab it is hard to get your needs met. So let’s see if Hypnoser can meet mine.

Why Should I Buy a Weighted Blanket?

The short answer to this section is yes. I first bought one six months back, on the recommendation of my doctor, for dealing with anxiety, and I have personally found it to be of great help. When I landed this series of articles I dove into the why, and what I found was fascinating. Weighted blankets and other weighted clothing have been the subject of study since the early 2000s.

Initially, it was to see how it affects younger children with developmental disorders, Autistic Spectrum, and attention issues, and the results were promising. In the years since studies have shown a net positive effect on people from all walks of life, all kinds of age and weight ranges. At its core a weighted blanket simulates a hug, releasing serotonin while you sleep, and for depression, anxiety, insomnia and other illnesses, serotonin is very much needed. I did a full in-depth review of the literature, and you can find my write up on site here.

About Hypnoser

Hypnoser seems to be a Chinese firm, selling a product manufactured in that country via Amazon. Most of the electronics I get to test and review come from that market, so I know the strengths and weaknesses very well. The downside tends to be a less than stellar warranty, but that is more than made up for with the price. Here though we have the peace of mind offered by Amazon, which I know from experience have excellent customer support services, so if you do come across issues with your purchase you have a big name in your corner.

Hypnoser Weighted Blanket Build Quality & Materials

The outer material on the Hypnoser is excellent. That king of bedding materials, cotton. I have harped on about this for the longest time, going back to the old mattress reviews, and what I said then holds true now. Cotton sits in the middle of the trifecta of properties, durable, comfortable and breathable. With the poly blends you lose out a little in the other areas in exchange for durability, and when buying for a child it is best to think about that, but for an adult you want cotton. The cover is not removable though, and with weighted blankets being a little smaller than a standard mattress, buying a cover is a little difficult. Hypnoser does offer a few of their own, at decent prices, but there is something about selling a blanket without a cover then offering to sell a cover that doesn’t sit well with me. It is at least quilted, which adds weight and sensory to it though. There are four colors to choose from, grey, navy blue, black, and, my favorite, juggle blue. Looks like a geometric Picasso, and I am certain it is supposed to be for kids, but I love it.

On the inside, we have a continuation of the cotton, always good, but pretty standard at this point. More impressive to me is the use of an alternative weight material, in this case, glass. I love sand glass in these things, they are far better for weight distribution, is quieter and still hypoallergenic. There is a downside though, you can’t really dry it in a machine, so air drying only. That loss of utility is more than made up for with the feel though. There are three core sizes to choose from, 48″ x 78″, 60″ x 80″, and 80″ x 87″.  The smallest comes in 15lbs, 20lbs, and 25lbs weights, the medium comes in 15lbs, 17lbs, 20lbs and 25lbs while the large comes in 25lbs and 30lbs. A nice range of weights, but those on the smaller side of things, myself included, are not served well by a 15lbs blanket at any size. Still, 30lbs is a rare enough weight range on this market, even if you go bespoke.

Hypnoser Weighted Blanket Overall Review

This is a finely made weighted blanket. The material choices are just right, and the range of options are great for a prefab build. The use of sand glass was a masterstroke, and I recommend anyone familiar with plastic pellet based weighted blankets to try one of these kinds of builds out, the difference is impressive. But there is always the price to consider.

Hypnoser Weighted Blanket Pricing & Returns Policy

The price ratio is far closer to a bespoke weighted blanket range than a low-cost Chinese import, but I feel the quality offered by the Hypnoser is a bit beyond some of the bespoke weighted blankets on the market. It’s the glass that does it, great feel. The 48″ x 78″ 15lbs option is sitting at the $155 price point, the 20lbs is $170 and the 25lbs is $175. In the 60″ x 80″ sizes the price is still dependant on the weight, with the 15lbs being $168, the 17lbs option is $164, the 20lbs is $190 and the 25lbs is $198. Finally the largest sizes, and you can find the 80″ x 87″ 25lbs weighted blanket for $338, while the final 30lbs option is $399. To my mind, the medium 17lbs option offers the best value for money, but it all depends on how much you weigh. Those large blankets are well overpriced for what you get, and if you are in the 300lbs range you would be better served getting a custom job from one of the many firms who offer that in the US.

Another situation where the warranty information is hard to come by, but I managed it. The standard 1 year of limited coverage is offered. Limited coverage is very basic, it covers factory faults only, so when you get your Hypnoser pour over it with a fine tooth comb. They accept exchange only. It does not cover issues that arise with even normal use, which is a major black mark to my mind, but then we are not buying these blankets for their excellent aftersale support. Buying via Amazon is the best option, as that gives you access to Amazon’s excellent customer service policies, and in the unlikely event that you are in dispute with the seller, there is someone in your corner. So long as you go into this knowing the facts then you will come out of it happy with your purchase.

Hypnoser Weighted Blanket – Is it Worth it in 2018?

I would have to say yes. I think that everyone who has used plastic pellet based weighted blankets owes it to themselves to check out the alternative, in this case, sand glass. The materials used here are a cut above what I expected, but then that seems to be the case with the majority of these cheaper options. You make a few sacrifices when saving money. The lack of options is a killer, and if Hypnoser do not sell a size and weight combo that matches your needs then you have to look elsewhere. The lack of customer designs is a minor issue as well. But we have 100% cotton and a weight material that is a cut above even the bespoke options.

The price is excellent, with the exception of the largest sizes, and while the warranty is nothing to write home about, we knew that going in. So long as you pay attention, and know your rights, you will be happy with your purchase. If you fall into the weight and sizes options available, and you are in the market for a weighted blanket, then you have to give this Hypnoser a look.

Customer Support6
Value (Price)7
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Good Materials
Affordable Price
Multiple Size/Weight Variations
Lack of Designs
Limited Warranty
Our Take
Hypnoser brings us another budget-friendly option for those who are seeking a weighted blanket. The amount of options and variations are pretty typical for blankets in this price range. Like many of the other affordable options we've reviewed, the Hypnoser blanket struggles to set itself apart from the crowd.

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