inYard Weighted Blanket Review

Another day, another weighted blanket to check out. inYard blankets are a little different from most I have been able to test, in that they are still very much focused on the children’s market. It means that they do not sell anything that really applies to me, and seen as I don’t have kids, much of this review is theoretical. Still, the same knowledge applies, material, size, weight, and price, so if you are looking at an inYard product, there is still your best stop.

Why Should I Buy a Weighted Blanket?

Weighted blankets have been on the market for years, but only in the last ten has the market expanded. The therapeutic effects of a weighted blanket, or weighted clothing in general, is well known by this point. I spent a number of weeks looking into it, checking out the studies, and seeing all the little correlations. The claims made about them, the aid for those with attention disorders, anxiety issues, anger problems, disturbed sleep and Autistic Spectrum Disorders, are true.

It is due to the “hug” effect, or deep pressure therapy, where when pressure is applied to the body you release serotonin. This is a godsend for those with any one of the numerous disorders that are said to be serotonin starved. The early studies focused on the benefits for kids, which is why much of the early market was selling to parents, but the effects are broad spectrum, they apply to most of us, so you will find that the vast majority of firms are selling to all, and I for one am glad to see it.

About inYard

inYard got their start in the therapy blankets business by accident. They added an item to their store a number of years ago, a type of swing, that was shown to hit the sensory market, and shown to be beneficial for those with autism. They soon expanded the line, researching what items would best serve this market, until they became a one-stop shop. They sell a variety of weighted and sensory items, and so far as I can tell the majority of them are very finely crafted.

inYard Weighted Blanket Build Quality & Materials

inYard focuses on providing products for the children’s market, but they offer weights all the way up to 15lbs, and in a size that is fantastic. The firm is focused on selling to the sensory market first and foremost. That means we are looking at a poly blend for the cover, it’s the only way to get that fur like minky feel that appeals to kids with spectrum disorders. It is also more hardwearing, an extremely easy to clean. They offer two variants right now, one plain navy and the other a safari-themed design, but there is no difference between them in terms of quality. There are a few studies that seem to link more exciting designs with increased engagement from kids with attention disorders, but nothing that substantial just yet. Honestly, the variety does not impress, and I would like to see a wider range of styles available in the future. For now though what is there works.

Inside we have the usual. 100% cotton material, and it is the cream of the crop. It is hard wearing, durable, and comfortable, that magic triad we all look for in our bedding. The weight is added with plastic pellets, and that is fine. Most firms go with plastic, as it is hypoallergenic, machine dryable and for the most part even in its application of weight. I see glass beads, but glass only wins in weight distribution, loses in all other categories. For a child, plastic is the best bet. There are four size/weight combos to choose from, with the 5lbs option being 36″ x 48″, the 7lbs option being 41″ x 56″, the 10lbs option being 41″ x 60″ and the 15lbs option being 41″ x 72″. Those last two seem heavy to me, and the 15lbs option would just about work for myself, so I don’t think kids are the only people who can use these. Combined with a very attractive price, and a great feel, inYard might be onto a winner.

inYard Weighted Blanket Overall Review

inYard focus on children, and specifically those on the spectrum, so the core design of their build is geared in that direction. They nailed it, but it does make it a little hard to recommend to anyone else. I like the 15lbs blanket, it’s a good size, and the cleaning benefits should not be overlooked. Overall, a fine range, even if I am not the target market.

inYard Weighted Blankets Pricing & Returns Policy

The price here is far below the norm for the larger sizes, and even the small builds are still a touch below the average, or at least so far as I can find out. $99.70 for the 5lbs build is a great price, and on par with the offering from Magic, and while we move up the sizes you see greater savings. The 7lbs option is $120, the 10lbs option is $135 and the largest 15lbs option is $179. That last price is a good $30 below average, and well worth considering to all who slot into that weight category. Shipping is free too, so what you see is what you pay, assuming no local taxation.

The warranty is what I would expect, 1 year of limited coverage, coving only manufacturing issues. The returns policy is a touch more basic, covering only unwanted items within a 30-day time limit. If you open the wrapper then no refund for you. I know of several firms who manage to offer a more comprehensive returns policy and are smaller than inYard, so a bit of a poor showing. Still, not a huge black mark on the company.

inYard Weighted Blankets – Is it Worth it in 2018?

This is far from the best on the market, but for a select few it is perfect. I know who they are selling to, children and young adults with autistic spectrum issues, and I feel like they hit the nail on the head. If you are looking for a sensory blanket, with some decent heft and a fine array of materials, then you have to check out the inYard option. If you are simply looking for a regular old weighted blanket, then there are better options on the market right now.

Customer Support6
Value (Price)5
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Good Materials
Easy to Clean
Lack of Heavier Weights
Limited Warranty
Our Take
InYard's weighted blanket is among many other budget blankets we've reviewed. There's not much that sets this blanket apart from others, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad choice. There are however, other blankets that we'd recommend before the InYard.

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