Kpblis Weighted Blanket Review

This week I am devoted to checking out the prefab builds on the market. The less expensive blankets coming out of China, and for the most part, I have been impressed. you lose quite a bit going with a non-bespoke option, but the savings are there, and if you can find the right size/weight combo then you can reap the benefits of a fine handmade weighted blanket. Kpblis are not a specialist firm, and in fact, it seems to me that the majority of their product range is in a bit of an odd mermaid niche. But their standard weighted blanket is not a bad option.

Why Should I Buy a Weighted Blanket?

A weighted blanket is simply a blanket that weighs a little more than you are used to, typically 10% of your body weight, and it has a number of positive health effects attributed to it. I was skeptical when I first read up on them, but when I got mine six or so months back I found that it really did help. When I started reviewing them I wanted a fuller understanding of the how, the mechanism of action, and what I found was extrmeely interesting.

At its core, a weighted blanket triggers the hug effect, a release of serotonin one gets when pressure is applied to the body. This can be very useful for disoders that are serotoin starved, like anxiety, depression and any number of develpopmental disorders. The studies I managed to dig up corroborated this, and while many of them focus on the benefits to children, I found a few that looked at how it affects adults as well, and it seems as though everyone can benefit from using one.

About KpBlis

KPBlis are another firm under Amazon. They own themselves and source their own products, but they are an FBA, meaning that orders made to them are verified and supported by themselves. It means that though this is not a bespoke item, and the firm itself offer a less than fantastic warranty, you are protected by Amazon. I have looked into firms like this before, and by and large have been impressed with the products. You lose out in terms of quality somewhat, and you rely on others for aftercare support, but the savings to be made are substantial. They also sell a range of Mermaid blankets, and before I found their weighted blanket I honestly thought I had to order a mermaid blanket for this review.

KpBlis Weighted Blanket Build Quality & Materials

Always best to start with the outer layer, and here I am afraid the KpBlis does not get off to a good start. The lack of a removable cover is a bit of a black mark from my perspective at this stage of the game. The vast majority of the previous builds I have checked it came with one, and it makes cleaning the thing a hell of a lot easier. The cover material itself is at least fairly durable, but that is due to the use of a poly-cotton blend. I find that the poly cotton is not quite as breathable as the pure cotton, so the gains in one area come with losses in another. There are three core colors to choose from, grey, dark grey and navy blue. Fine options, but seen as you need to buy a separate cover, and weighted blankets do not come in standard bedding sizes, it is not all that important. At the end of the day the outer material and options available are fine, but less than I would like them to be.

The inside is another matter entirely, pure 100% cotton. That would be a bigger deal were it not for the fact that even the meanest weighted blanket uses cotton where it counts. Again, we have the segments, much like the CuteKing, and again I don’t quite know why. The use of segments is common in builds that use polyfill to pad out the blanket, added additional weight and retaining more heat, but that is not the case here. Perhaps it is simply standard in the manufacturing plant. The weight is added via plastic again, a great option, hypoallergenic, and able to be machine dried, on a low heat. I prefer glass, for a more even distribution, but you lose utility with glass. There are a number of size options, with the weight tied to the size. The smallest is 36″ x 48″, weighing 5lbs. A good option for a child, and rare to see in this section of the market, as the majority of firms aim at the growing adult market for weighted blankets. Next is the 40″ x 60″ at 10lbs, 48″ x 72″ at 15lbs, a 60″ x 80″ at 15lbs and a final 60″ x 80″ at 17lbs. If you weight over 180lbs then you are better off looking elsewhere, and there are plenty of options out there. What is surprising is that this adult weight range, 110lbs to 180lbs, is rarely addressed by any firm. Nice to see it though.

KpBlis Weighted Blanket Overall Review

Bit of a mixed bag this one. On the one hand, they are addressing a segment of the adult market that is rarely served, while still hitting the child market, and on the other hand the core materials are far from my favorite. I can see who this works for, and with the price, it should sell. Far from a bad option. But how does it fare in the pricing department?

KpBlis Weighted Blanket Pricing & Returns Policy

A range of prices to get through here, and they are all amazing. The smallest size is currently priced at $92.99, which is actually in the ballpark for a handmade local weighted blanket for a child. The 10lbs option is $119.99, the 15lbs is $129.99, the 15lbs is $158.99, the 17lbs is $165.99 and the largest size, the 20lbs is $169.99. It’s a good range of prices, with better savings in the higher weight classes than the lowest. I have tested and looked at dozens of weighted blankets over the last few months and can say with some level of expertise that these prices do not reflect the quality of the blanket. They are far lower than expected, and that is a good thing for consumers.

Warranty information was hard to come by, which can be the case with these kinds of firms. They offer the standard 1 year of limited coverage, but honestly, that isn’t worth much. If you have a manufacturer’s fault you’ll notice on day one and get your refund or replacement. Limited warranties do not cover problems that happen through the normal use of the blanket, which is a joke. If you use a blanket as it is intended and it breaks then the fault should be with the factory, not the user. At the very least you have access to Amazon’s excellent customer support policies, so if you come across an issue you have them in your corner. The onus is on the buyer to make sure that the blanket matches expectations, so please be vigilant.

KpBlis Weighted Blanket – Is it Worth it in 2018?

There are few options on the market that I haven’t used by this point or had others use on my behalf. This option from KpBlis compares fairly favorably with the top of the line models, but you lose out in a number of areas. The cover material is great for children, due to the increase in durability, but the loses in breathability are less good for an adult. Weighted blankets can feel a touch stifling before you get used to them, so having a material that breathes well is important. The inside is excellent, so there is a good base here. The six weights address as broad a spectrum as possible, with options for both children and adults, a rarity in the low end weighted blanket market, but even then, I found the 15lbs option a little heavy on me.

The price is fantastic. To my mind the key reason for buying. If they happen to have your size and weight combo then you need to seriously consider the KpBlis option. The warranty is less than stellar, but that is the sacrifice we make for savings. Just be smart, know your rights as a consumer and you will be fine.

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Quality Materials
Variety of Weights/Sizes
Cover Not Included
Limited Warranty
Our Take
Kpblis offers multiple options for weighted blankets at reasonable prices. The material of the blankets is pretty good on it's own but keep in mind that a removable cover is an added expense when purchasing.

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