Lifetime Sensory Blanket Review

Lifetime Sensory are another bespoke weighted blanket company, and considering their size, it is a shock to me that they can offer the huge range of products that they have. Started in North Carolina, the firm has grown both locally and internationally, making a name for themselves with their use of high-quality materials and outstanding customer feedback. This week I will be diving into their process, seeing if this weighted blanket is right for me.

About Lifetime Sensory

Lifetime Sensory, like many other weighted blanket firms, was began by one person looking for a solution to their child’s problems. Melissa Hartwick’s daughter suffered from poor sleep quality, and sensory processing issues, and when her doctor advised they look into weighted blankets Ms. Hartwick took it upon herself to make one. The difference she noticed in her child was near immediate, and so she decided to bring a product to market, charging far less than the near extortionate options already there.

The firm is similar to The Weighted Blanket Co, in that they initially focused on sensory blankets, a variant of weighted blankets that use mink-like materials, but their current range addresses the entire market.

Lifetime Sensory Weighted Blanket Build Quality & Materials

I would need a month and a lot more money than I have currently to do Lifetime Sensory justice. The breadth of options is on par with the likes of Mosaic and Magic, with every build made by hand that isn’t much of a surprise. They offer full cotton builds and blended builds for younger children. But I think it best to discuss the best. Cotton is my go-to material for bedding. There are three properties that we need from our cover material, durability, breathability and comfort, and cotton lands in the sweet spot. There are a number of lesser materials being used on the market right now, and they always make a gain in one area at the expense of the others. Lifetime Sensory have several dozen designs to choose from, from simple monochromes to more exciting covers, so be sure to check out the full range they have on their site.

On the inside, we have a fairly simple build. Plastic pellet based, one of the most popular choices for weighted blankets, polyfill for plushness, all segmented to keep the weight uniform in its pressure. I like plastic pellets, but I prefer the glass, I think the weight is a little more evenly distributed, but plastic is far better in terms of utility. Plastic is both machine washable and machine dryable, making cleaning far easier. The size options are robust, and for a change we have them labeled in relation to the size of the bed. Mini toddler, five-foot twin, six-foot twin, full size, queen, and king. In terms of weight the smaller it is the lower the range of numbers. Toddler size ranges from 4lbs to 6lbs, 5 foot twin from 4lbs to 18lbs, in increments of 1, 6 foot Twin ranges from 6lbs to 25lbs, with increments of 1 all the way to 20, then a 5lbs jump to 25, the other sizes start at 10lbs, and move in 5lbs increments to a maximum of 35lbs.

LifeTime Sensory Weighted Blanket Overall Review

A range of materials, a range of sizes, a range of weights. This is my kind of weighted blanket firm. They know the market, they address the needs of the entire market, and they do so by giving the consumer as much choice as they possibly can. The standard adult range is excellent, and the feel of the sateen cotton build is top notch. If you are in the market for a weighted blanket then there is no doubt in my mind that Lifetime Sensory has something to suit you. It all comes down to the price.

LifeTime Sensory Weighted Blanket Pricing & Returns Policy

And here’s the kicker. Lifetime Sensory might offer some of the finer products on the market right now, but they charge a bit of a premium for them as well, depending on the size you need. I looked at the Queen, giving a higher end look at the price. the 10Lbs option is $249.99, the 15lbs is $269.99, the 20lbs is $289.99, the 25lbs is $309.99, the 30lbs is $329.99 and the 35lbs is $349.99. The lighter options are well within the ballpark, but as your needs get higher, so too does the price. Their smallest and lightest option, made for toddlers, is $94.99 at 3lbs and $109 at 6lbs, while their most expensive option, a King size at 35lbs is $499.99. A fairly wide range of prices. They also have a discount section, so you might be able to save a few bucks if you happen to find one you like in the right weight/size.

The warranty is pretty standard.  If you need to change the weight of your purchase you can send your blanket back within 30 days, if you need heavier you must pay the difference, but if you go down there is no repayment of difference. You can also get a full refund within that time period, covering unopened items and lightly used items. The buyer is responsible for all shipping in either case. The 1-year limited warranty that follows is pretty standard, covering manufacturer defects only, and does not cover damage occurring during normal use of the blanket. Not the best, but not the worst either.

Lifetime Sensory Weighted Blanket Additional Information

There are so many little details that had to be glossed over with this review. Lifetime Sensory offer way more products than I could ever hope to check out, not least due to my limited budget. They have gift cards, sale items, returned items and even minky options, like The Weighted Blanket Co. They also offer a range of lap pads, which are perfect for children needed to work on the computer. For a more thorough understanding of their product range, I recommend going to their site.

LifeTime Sensory Weighted Blanket – Is it Worth it in 2018?

More expensive than I would like in some areas, but the quality on offer is hard to deny. The core materials used are great, and the range of options is on par with the best on the market. They managed to simplify where it matters and complicate where we want it. LifeTime Sensory cater to all sections of the market, and that is something I can get behind.If you are on the market for a weighted blanket right now, then you need to check out the range of options available from LifeTime Sensory.

Why Should I Buy a Weighted Blanket?

Half a year back I had no idea weighted blankets were a thing. I suffered from anxiety issues, and my doctor advised I look into them. Being something of a skeptic, I thought it best to figure out if they were legit. To my surprise, I found a body of work on the topic and did a complete write up on it. Since I got mine I have been sleeping better, dealing with personal issues in a far healthier way, and I have more energy day to day. Weighted blankets, put simply, are heavy blankets, typically 10% of your body weight, that apply constant light pressure on you while you sleep. This triggers the release of serotonin, and for serotonin starved disorders, like Autistic Spectrum, Attention disorders, anxiety etc, this has a net positive effect. Early studies focused on the effects on children, but more recent studies have found that the mechanism works on pretty much everyone, with the vast majority of users not only reporting a higher quality of life but also showing positive changes in the brain. If you want to read the studies I have a number of curated ones on site in my Science of Weighted Blankets article.

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Value (Price)5.5
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Quality Materials
Wide Range of Options
High Price Point
Standard Warranty Coverage
Our Take
There's no doubt Lifetime Sensory blankets are high quality, but we struggle to justify if it's worth the price. The warranty is about the same as most blankets, there are better options available for the price.

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