Magic Weighted Blanket Review

Magic has been in the weighted blanket business for more than twenty years at this point, and it shows. Thier product range is as diverse as they come, and they themselves have added innovations to the standard that I for one am a huge fan of. The list of materials is impressive, and they seemingly have a product that is right for everybody. But, there are a number of issues with the core design that makes me pause.

Why Should I Buy a Weighted Blanket?

The benefits of weighted blankets have been well known for a number of years now. I did extensive research on the topic before I started this series of reviews, and the number of in-depth studies on the Deep Pressure reaction is fascinating. At the core they are simply blankets that are heavy, applying weight to the user while they sleep. In effect, they help the user release serotonin, much like a hug.

They are effective at treating a variety of disorders, including insomnia, attention disorders, anger issues and anxiety. It has been proven to have a positive effect on both children and adults. You can find my full article here on the site, with links to all the studies I found.

About Magic

Magic Blankets have been making weighted blankets since 1998, and the market has grown significantly in the years since they opened. In the beginning, the product was primarily geared towards children with disorders, be it attention or Autistic Spectrum. In the last decade the market has opened up, and more and more adults are reaping the benefits of Magic’s products. Their site is very professionally put together, and the range they have on offer is a match for the likes of Sensacalm and Mosaic. The difference is the years of experience behind Magic, that and their unsurpassed after sale support.

Magic Weighted Blanket Build Quality & Materials

The Magic weighted Blanket is a bit different from others I have tried out. For one, it is a self-contained unit, sealed all the way around. I can see the benefit to that, but it betrays the products made for children origins. That isn’t to say that there is nothing we can say about the cover material though. Unlike every other firm I have checked out, Magic offers five different materials to choose from, and each has their benefits. Cotton is my preference, pure 100%, comfortable and breathable. But for those who want a more silky experience, there is Chenille. For those who want it a little cozier, there is the fleece or the Minky. And for those who need something extra durable, they have a waterproof option. In terms of styles, you are limited by the material. the cotton option offers the most varied list of styles, while the waterproof is limited to just the blue. Not a huge deal for an Adult, but if you want something with a bit more flash, and appeals to your children’s interests, there is little here to recommend. Overall they did good, a nice range of options to choose from.

On the inside, we have a fantastic cotton based design, filled with poly pellets. I have gone on record in the past stating my preference for glass beads, and my current blanket does indeed use those, but then, I don’t own a dryer so they are not an issue for me. Poly pellets can be dried in the machine, and while I would argue that they lead to a slightly less comfortable overall blanket, they are still an excellent option, being free of allergens. In terms of weight and size options, you are stuck with prefabs unless you want to make use of their totally custom blanket options. They offer 24″ x 30″ at 4lbs, 36″ x 48″ at 6lbs, 36″ x 54″ at 8lbs, 36″ x 60″ at 10lbs, 42″ x 60″ at 12lbs, 42″ x 72″ at 16lbs, 42″ x 78″ at 18lbs, 54″ x 78″ at 24lbs, 42″ x 78″ at 10lbs and,¬† 54″ x 78″ at 14lbs. The general rule is to buy a blanket that does not overhang your bed and make it around 10% of your bodyweight, so buy the closest option, if you don’t want to go custom.

Magic Weighted Blanket Pricing & Returns Policy

Much like my previous reviews, nailing down a price is difficult. The price is set by the size, the weight, and the cover material. The Waterproof option is the most expensive, with the smallest being $119 and the largest/heaviest being $279. Not a bad price by any stretch of the imagination. The Chenille is the second most expensive, regardless of size or weight, with the smallest being $109 and the largest being $269. The Fleece is priced wonderfully, with the smallest size being a mere $69, and the largest barely beating $200, sitting at $209. There is literally no other firm offering prices this low right now, and while I would argue that buying the Chenille or the Cotton is the best option, the fact that those with less disposable income can still get themselves a top-notch product is amazing.

The core warranty is pretty standard, a full year of limited coverage, meaning only factory faults. Considering everything is made in-house, the odds of there being a manufacturer fault is pretty low, but it is nice to have at the very least. The return policy is only 10 days though, and that is very much on the low end. Other firms offer at most 30 days, and some even offer as little as 7, though, so I cannot vilify them for a lackluster returns policy. They do offer email support after and before sales, and it gets you through directly to the management, making it one of the best.

Magic Weighted Blanket – Is it Worth it in 2018?

I love this one. But then I am a huge fan of good prices, over a range of options. The core look of the build is impressive, and the materials used are excellent. The Chenille is my favorite, though that is the priciest of the non-waterproofs. I would have liked to see more weight customization options as standard, rather than locked away in the custom only section, but so long as you find the right size/weight combo in the prefabs then you are in for a good time. The price is excellent, and the warranty is passable. If you are in the market for a new weighted blanket, for yourself or your child, then you have to check out Magic.

Customer Support8
Value (Price)6
Reader Rating11 Votes5
Variety of Options
No great "weaknesses" in the product
No specific area "stands out" as exceptional
Our Take
Solid materials and more than enough options to satisfy most customers. On top of that they offer fully custom builds if that's your cup of team. Lastly the price point on Magic weighted blankets falls right in line with most of the competition, not overprice but not a steal of a deal either. In the end a solid choice all around.

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