Mosaic Weighted Blanket Review

This week I am checking out the Mosiac brand of weighted blankets. The firm sells a wide variety of products, a myriad of styles to choose from, all at affordable prices, similar to Sensacalm. Mosaic reminds me of Sensacalm in a number of ways, similar business model, and a sense of empathy at the core of their products. It makes the more impersonal brands on the market a little hard to recommend.

Why Should I Buy a Weighted Blanket?

First of all, we need an understanding of what a weighted blanket is. It is a blanket, sewn through with pellets to add an even weight across the entire blanket. There are many benefits to this, and I went into great detail in my Science behind weighted blankets article here on site. To summarize, weighted blankets trigger the hug effect when used. They release serotonin and melatonin, leading to a number of positive effects.

They were initially used in the treatment of Autistic Spectrum disorders and attention disorders, showing in a number of studies to alleviate the problems people with those issues face. For the broader population, they can lower anxiety, improve mood, allow you to sleep more soundly and even help you keep your temper during a trying day. I have been using one for the last few months, and while I am more than willing to admit that the benefits I have personally felt might be placebo, there is far too much-documented evidence for me to assume that.

About Mosaic

Mosaic was founded by Laura LeMond in Austin, Texas. She struggled her entire life with anxiety issues and knew the benefits of weight when sleeping long before she knew about weighted blankets. In college, she would sleep with her textbooks on her legs. Eventually, she built a prototype, using polyurethane beads for an even ballast and started her business. Mosaic now have a product range to rival the best, and very quickly became one of the top names in the industry.

Mosaic Weighted Blanket Build Quality & Materials

The issue with reviewing weighted blankets is that the majority of firms put out a wide range of them. Mosaic has hundreds of possible combinations in terms of aesthetics, weight, and material, but there are a few features that a common across the board. Their cover material appears to be one of them. It is made of a cotton blend, which I am not typically a fan of. Cotton blends tend to sacrifice comfort for durability, and if you are buying the weighted blanket for a child that is a good thing, easier to clean as well. Here we have a high cotton blend, typically more than 80%, so the feel is still great, if not quite as good as the 100% I own myself. In terms of look, Mosaic have dozens, and most of them are lovely. They range from very nearly garish to muted and understated, and the range includes a few on brand designs as well. Big fan of the Pokemon one. The cover is removable to make cleaning all the more easy. Overall, off to a good start.

The inside is very similar to the sensacalm build, using a combination of standard blanket materials, plastic beads and polyfill for added bulk. I am on record saying that I prefer glass beads, leads to a more uniform distribution from my perspective, but the issue with glass is that it is more expensive to produce, and it cannot be dried in a dryer. The Polyurethane beads can be, on a low heat, allowing a far shorter cleaning turnaround. Size wise we have a number of options to choose from; Small (38″ x 42″), Medium (38″ x 50″), Large (38″ x 60″), and X- Large (42″ x 72″). Remember that you are not buying to fit the bed, there should not be any blanket dangling over the side, so be sure to measure twice, buy once. If you want something more custom they offer that for a price, be sure to call them if you have different needs than the standard sizes here. The weight options are fantastic, going up in 1lbs increments from 5 pounds to 20 pounds. I wish all firms offered the full range of weights. For those over 200 pounds, they have a special 25 pound weighted blanket as well, but it is limited in terms of customization options.

Mosaic Weighted Blanket Overall Review

Overall Mosaic offer everything you could want in a weighted blanket. The right kind of weights, the right kind of sizes and the right kind of styles. The site layout is a little difficult to navigate, and there are far too many categories for my liking, especially since so many of them overlap. A minor issue though, and will a touch of perseverance you can get to the checkout.

Mosaic Weighted Blanket Pricing & Returns Policy

Speaking of the checkout, we need to talk about the price. The average price for the larger sized blankets is $230. The smallest sized blankets run at under half that, sitting on an average of $95. Mosaic’s largest size/largest weight combo is a good deal cheaper than the competition, and I think we owe this price to the material cost, and the scale of production they are working with. It is nothing but good news for the consumer. My size, large, 15 pounds, and purple, fell into the $175 price point, and this is near impulse buy territory. There is no free shipping anywhere though, a bit of a shame, but on average you can expect to add around $50 to your end purchase.

The warranty is pretty standard for this business. A limited one year of coverage that only includes manufacturer’s faults. Not a fan of limited warranties, and if you buy big I would expect a similar level of aftersale support, but I cannot chastize Mosiac for that, they are simply following the industry norm. The first line of their warranty offers a minor conflict of information, with it stating that the warranty begins on the date you receive the blanket, and also stating that it begins on the date of purchase, a few days before, unsure how to parse that. If you are unhappy with the product you have only 7 days to return it unopened, and even then they only accept exchange, not refunds there. A hard sell this, and I would like to see improvements in this area going forward.

Mosaic Weighted Blanket Additional Information

Much like Sensacalm, Mosaic offer a wide range of products, in addition to the weighted blanket line. They have a range of antimicrobial blankets, for those with more delicate constitutions, custom-made weighted vests, perfect for children with attention disorders and adults with anger issues, general sensory products, and DIY kits. If you can sew, or you know someone who can, you can purchase a kit that comes with everything you need to make your own weighted blanket. A nice touch that last one.

Mosaic Weighted Blanket – Is it Worth it in 2018?

I love these weighted blanket firms that are started by folk who know people or are people, who directly benefit from their use. The attention to detail and the overall quality adds up to a product that is exactly what you need, either as a parent or a user yourself. With a wide range of sizes and weights to choose from and even more styles to browse through, Mosaic offer the complete package. Rounding out everything is that price. The downsides here are the limited options for those of a heftier build and the aftersale support. Is it worth it? I have to say yes, go check out their site, I am sure you will find something to suit you.

Customer Support6.5
Value (Price)6
Reader Rating0 Votes0
Quality Materials
Variety of Size/Style Options
Somewhat Limited Selection of Heavier Weights
Price Can Be Higher Than Average Depending on the Blanket
Our Take
Mosaic weighted blankets seem to be a good all-around option with a decent selection of sizes, weights and styles. They offer a variety of materials for their blankets and have some catered towards specific disorders. Although there are some other options we would recommend more highly, the Mosaic blanket is not a bad choice.

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