MYKPOP Weighted Blanket Review

Bit of an outside entry this one. The MYKPOP range of weighted blankets are all a little boring to look at, but making a weighted blanket that works is not hard, and the MYKPOP design does exactly what you want it to do. They offer it at a fine price, and they have a number of weight and size options, which is rare in the prefab market. Before I break this one down we need to figure out who weighted blankets are for.

Why Should I Buy a Weighted Blanket?

If you were to go off and look up the supposed benefits of weighted blankets you might have the same reaction I had. There is no way this could all be true. A weighted blanket will help me sleep and lower my anxiety and alleviate my anger issues and help with depression? Downright fiction from my perspective. But I was given this project, so I had to look into it, and it seems that for the most part that is all true. I have an article here called the science of weighted blankets if you want the citations, but to sum up, weighted blankets work on the principles of deep touch pressure, which just means that when pressure is applied to the body you release hormones. It’s the same thing that happens when you are hugged. The hormones that we care most about are serotonin and melatonin, as these are the ones that help with anxiety and relaxation. They are also important for kids with attention disorders or Autistic spectrum disorders as well, who were the main target of the market until the last few years. So, if you suffer from any of the above, or you want a better night’s sleep, then you need to check out a weighted blanket.

MYKPOP Weighted Blanket Build Quality & Materials

From the top, the MYKPOP weighted blanket does not come with a removable cover. I am always sad when a build lacks one, but I hate when the firm just happens to sell one separately. They know you have few options but to buy, as weighted blankets come in nonstandard sizes, making getting a cover yourself more difficult. The cover they sell is pure 100% cotton though, and it looks lovely, but I am not reviewing blanket covers. I am reviewing blankets, so I ignored it. The topper material of the MYKPOP weighted blanket is also cotton, and it feels great. Cotton is my favorite bedding material, and after years of reviewing mattresses, I know a few things about fabric. Cotton has the perfect combination of comfort durability and porousness. I sleep on an old style memory foam mattress, and they retain heat something shocking, making cotton bedding a must for me. In terms of style, we have nothing but the standard dark grey. I think that when I firm is selling weighted blankets to adults they insist on drab colors, which I do actually quite like, but I would have preferred a few design options regardless. Not a huge deal.

On the inside, we have yet more cotton, and this would be a boon if not for the fact that every major weighted blanket company manages to at least fill their blanket with cotton. Great stuff still, and the compliments above apply here. The weight material here is plastic poly pellets, and while I like them, they are not my favorite. I have tried out blankets with plastic, glass, sand, and buckwheat, and glass is by far my favorite. It offers the better weight distribution. But plastic comes with a few choice benefits that glass lacks. It can be machine washed and dried, though I stress you do so on a low heat. I have tested this out, and ruin a couple of blankets dialing it in. When in doubt keep it at the bottom. There are a number of weight options, but only one size option. Said size is the most popular on the current market, the 60″ x 80″ style, with the weight ranges being 15lbs, 17lbs, 20lbs, and 25lbs. A good spread, but a part of me thinks this ignore quite a segment of the market. I went for the 15lbs, but I knew going in I needed a 12lbs blanket. You see a properly fitted weighted blanket should fit flush with your mattress, with no hang off else you mess with weight distribution, and be around 8_12% of your total body weight. You can see the sides of the market not catered to by MYKPOP, but hardly a bad thing. If you fall into the right weight range then there is a lot to like here.

MYKPOP Weighted Blanket Overall Review

A great design, marred by a lack of a removable cover. The use of plastic is great for most, and I love the fact that there are so many weight options to choose from. My last two months of blankets have been one off-ers, so I am glad to see a product cater to so much of the market at once again. If you fall outside the range there are other brands you might want to check out, and if you are looking for the best then go custom, but for the rest of us, this is a good blanket.

MYKPOP Weighted Blanket Pricing & Returns Policy

The price range offered here is not bad, but the difference between MYKPOP’s heaviest and lightest weighted blanket is not all that large. I have no idea why this is, but it does mean savings for those looking for a 25lbs build. The smallest 15lbs build is currently $135.99, the 17lbs is $149.99, the 20lbs build is $155.99 and the 25lbs build is $169.99. Those are well below the market average right now, especially the 25 pounders, os if the blanket fits, it might be a good idea to shell out.

The MYKPOP warranty is much like any other weighted blanket that isn’t called Dr. Hart. We have 1 year of limited coverage, and that only applies to factory faults I recommend you comb over your weighted blanket when it arrives, as it is harder to get a firm to make good on a limited warranty six months after receiving it. I also recommend you buy via, as at least then you get their excellent consumer protection policies applied to any transaction made on their site. I like the peace of mind and have had to make use of their services on a number of occasions, though oddly never with weighted blankets. Still, a good general rule for me.

MYKPOP Weighted Blanket – Is it Worth it in 2018?

The MYKPOP build is not a bad blanket but is far from the best on the market. If we were to look only at the build itself then it is almost boring. Another coverless, cotton and plastic pellets blanket that does what you want it to. Where the MYKPOP build really shines is the price. There are few blankets that are this cheap, though I must point out that the prices I have seen are about to go up again. if you fall into the right weight class then this might be the perfect low-cost weighted blanket for you.

Limited in terms of size and weight, but a fine build overall.

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Value (Price)6.5
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Good Materials
No Removable Cover
Limited Warranty
Our Take
The features found on the MYKPOP weighted blanket are a dime a dozen among other budget blankets. Really the only differentiating factor we found with this blanket is the price. However it goes in and out of stock a lot which makes it difficult to find. There are other alternatives we'd recommend before the MYKPOP.

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