Platinum Health “Calmforter” Weighted Blanket Review

Platinum health’s weighted blanket is a more modular design, and on that impresses me greatly. Their product line aims at the adult market and is focused on general day to day health. I have looked at, if not used, their entire product line, and it seems to me that they are a step above the rest. Their core blanket is, at first glance, little more than any other plastic pellet based design, but it has a number of innovations that I have never seen before. If you want something versatile then there might be something here for you.

Why Should I Buy a Weighted Blanket?

There are a huge number of reasons to buy a weighted blanket, but were I to list them out one at a time you might think me mad. I thought the myriad of benefits attributed to weighted blankets was bunk when I rest looked into them myself, but a week of research, looking at twenty independent studies over the last twenty years has convinced me that they may, in fact, be magical. At their core they work on the same principle as a hug, applying pressure to the body, releasing serotonin.

That is especially useful for those with serotonin starved issues, like anxiety and depression, but it also applies to those with anger issues and autistic spectrum disorders. I have written an extensive article on the studies I’ve found, so if you want to see the sources on this then please, take a look at the article on this site. The effects on those without anxiety, or sleep disorders, is limited, but still present enough to be worth picking up regardless.

About Platinum Health

Platinum Health does it a bit different from other drop shipping firms. For one, I am fairly certain that they are based locally, even if their entire product range is sourced in China. Regardless, we are still looking at a less than stellar warranty, mitigated by the use of Amazon as a go-between. The prices are still nice and low though, and they work, which is more than can be said for the vast majority of products on the market right now.

Platinum Health Weighted Blanket Build Quality & Materials

Platinum Health applies to the majority, and that is reflected in their outer layer, which is a poly blend, spun in the minky feel. This makes the Platinum health weighted blanket more of a sensory blanket than a straight up weight product. I like the feel, and the added comfort is a boon to me, but the lack of porousness might make it less appealing to sleepers who run a little hotter than I do, or those who lack a cooling layer on their mattress. on the plus side, there are five colors to choose from, a step up from the usual two, and they are arranged much like any other sensory blanket, with two tones on either side, made to evoke different responses in children with autism. I have looked into the science here, and have found no real evidence to strengthen that position though. The cover is removable though, making it far easier to clean. Overall I decent start.

On the inside, we have the usual 100% cotton. The vast majority of firms manage to get cotton on the inside, combine d with plastic poly pellets. I prefer glass, to the plastic, but there are a number of benefits to plastic that are not shared by the glass. Plastic pellets can be dried in a machine, unlike the glass, making it far more useful to those who have less time day to day than I do. The Platinum health range of weighted blankets come in just the one weight, 12lbs, so if you weigh more than 135lbs or so then this is not a good option for you. The blanket itself can be modded, cut down to half the weight, with ease, so if you need something a little lighter the option is there. There are no other options though, making the overall build a little more niche than I would like. It is right or me, but I can see the market as a while, and for the majority, it falls short. Much as platinum Health might want to downplay the whole 10% of your body weight metric, it is the industry standard, and a lack of options here is a negative factor.

Platinum Health Weighted Blanket Overall Review

I personally like the mink feel poly blend builds. I know they are meant for children, but still, the extra soft feel is wonderfully comfortable to me. It is easy to clean, and the cover is removable, adding to the utility. On the inside is the usual extra breathable cotton, with the weight brought by the plastic pellets, making the Platinum health weighted blanket one of the most versatile blankets on the market. The limited weight does make it a bit of a hard sell though, and for those above the threshold, there are better options on the market right now. All that matters is the price.

Platinum Health Weighted Blanket Pricing & Returns Policy

There is but the one size and weight option here, and that does make it easy to nail down the price. No matter the color, the Platinum Health weighted blanket is $199. That is a little more than I would like, seen as similar builds can knock a good $80 off the price. When you buy a product that is not tailor-made for you-you kind of expect to make a bit of a saving in the pricing department, but that simply is not the case here.

The warranty is the same as everyone else’s too. A mere 1 year of coverage, and only covering manufacture faults. I suppose I can’t expect miracles, but considering the price is above the norm I was hoping for a little more aftersale support. There is a 30-day return policy, but that only covers unopened items. The fact that platinum Health is affiliated with Amazon is useful though. They have their own site, but I recommend going with Amazon,¬† at least then you get there excellent aftersale the unlikely event that you need to return something, it is better to have a major conglomerate behind you.

Platinum Health Weighted Blanket – Is it Worth it in 2018?

Platinum Health have a weird product, aimed at as broad a spectrum of the market as is possible, but not quite hitting anyone needs in particular. if you happen to weigh 130lbs or less then this is one of the nicer builds on the market, especially with at mink outer layer, but if you are outside that range there is literally nothing to recommend. check out a few other reviews on the site, I recommend the top ten.

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Value (Price)6
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Soft Minky Cover Included
Quality Materials
Wide Color Selection
Only One Weight Option
Higher Price Than Competitors
Our Take
The Platinum Health weighted blanket is a premium option with a wide range of color choices for many tastes. The outer cover is made from a soft minky material which is great for children and adults. Where this blanket falls short is the lack of weight options - it only comes in one weight. If you're more concerned about the aesthetics of your weighted blanket and less about the actual weight, this may be a good option for you.

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