Quility Weighted Blanket Review

Back again with another samey design. When it comes to these low-cost options the only thing that matters is the price. The vast majority of them use the same materials and process, with a few exceptions, so beyond price, there is little to differentiate them from one another. I prefer to see a bespoke solution, something handcrafted local, but just because this build from Quilty isn’t made local, does not mean it isn’t worth your time. If you are looking for something cheap, well made, and you happen to fall into a very narrow window in terms of weight and height, then Quilty may be the right option for you.

Why Should I Buy a Weighted Blanket?

There are too many reasons to buy a weighted blanket. When I started this review series I was a massive skeptic. There was simply no way that these things do what is claimed. I mean, here is a simple, cheap item that reduces anxiety, improves mood and helps you sleep? Sounds like literal magic, but digging deeper revealed the evidence. It is all down to deep touch pressure, putting pressure on the body releases serotonin, like with a hug, and for serotonin starved issues, like anxiety, insomnia, this can be a godsend.

Much of the early studies focused on the effects on children with issues, attention and autistic spectrum, and positive results were found. Subsequent studies were a little more broad-reaching, and they showed that the effects, while most pronounced on people with the GAD and other issues, were still applicable to the general population. Bit of a no-brainer to me.

About Quility

Quilty, so far as I can discover, seem to be a dropshipping firm. They source a number of high-quality products to sell on their storefront. Doing this right is difficult, as there are a number of folk out there who think it good to fill their storefront with a wide range of disparate products. That kind of storefront reveals inexperience and a lack of quality control. Here we have a fine list of linked items, all of which get tested. The firm is allied with Amazon, being an FBA, so you are guaranteed a certain level of customer support.

Quility Weighted Blanket Build Quality & Materials

Quilty’s offerings are a little all over the pace. Rather than a set all incrementing in terms of weight and size, all of the same material, they offer three blankets, different in weight and material. The fleece based builds use pure cotton, while the mink-like ones use a poly-cotton blend for their cover. I am a big fan of cotton for bedding, it has that trifecta of properties that I like to see, soft, porous and durable, but the poly blend is a little more durable, and the expense of porousness. It is also easier to clean, so it is up to you what you think works best. The look of the build is fine, geared towards the adult market, being monochromatic, and the segments hold the pellets. Not much else to say on it, a little perfunctory.

On the inside of all builds is pure 100% cotton, the best for heat dissipation and comfort. The use of plastic pellets is pretty standard and is maybe the best option on the market for heft. I prefer glass, and the one I use actually has glass for heft, but that is because of the weight distribution. In terms of ease of cleaning, the plastic is better, and it can be machine dried on a low heat, which the glass cannot be. The size is 48″ x 78″ across the board, and there are three weights to choose from, 15lbs and  20lbs. A properly fitted weighted blanket should not hang over the bed but simply sit on top, while the weight should be within 7-12% of your body weight. If you fall outside that range, as I do, then you are going to have to look elsewhere. There are few firms that address the 100-150lbs market right now, so be prepared to hunt for a while, or read one of my other articles.

Quility Weighted Blanket Overall Review

This is a good blanket. The price is a little higher than I would like, but looking at the build quality alone Quility are on to a good thing. I would like to see the range expanded going forward, but what they have right now should address the needs of the bulk of the market.

Quility Weighted Blankets Pricing & Returns Policy

The price is a little above what I would like to see, and indeed, I have seen the equal of the Quility priced lower elsewhere. The 15lbs option is $199.70, the 20lbs option is $209.70. A touch over others I have seen, as I said, but still below a number of adult orientated options on the market. Shipping is free, and Amazon verifies it all, so there is a level of peace of mind here.

The warranty is okay. 1 year of limited coverage is the standard, but this only covers manufacturing faults. I would prefer to see something a little more substantial, especially for bedding. With a mattress, you are covered for ten years, and sag is part of that. With weighted blankets, even if they fray during normal use, you are without recourse. Of course, you do have access to Amazon’s excellent customer service policies as standard with a Quility weighted blanket. I suggest paying attention to those going forward, as Amazon has dug me out of a hole on a number of occasions.

Quility Weighted Blankets – Is it Worth it in 2018?

Hard to say. They do offer a fine product, and the weight ranges hit the bulk of the market, but I don’t know if it is a better buy than the many alternatives on the market right now. The material is fine, but the price is above what I would like. If you happen to find it on offer, then sure, it works, but it is far too niche, and a little pricey for me.

Customer Support7
Value (Price)6.5
Reader Rating1 Vote8
Wide Range of Sizes
Quality Materials
Different Colors Available
Specific Size/Color Combinations Out of Stock
Our Take
Quility weighted blankets come in a wide variety of sizes and colors which is a nice change from other offerings on the market. However the higher price point may turn away some customers.

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