Rifrani Weighted Blanket Review

Another month, another round of weighted blankets in the mail, and this time it seems as though the majority are the standard build. When it comes to blankets like this the key selling point is the price. There is nothing in the way of impressive or unique features, but the basics are here, and so long as you are in the right weight class, there is a lot to like. But if you have read my other reviews, you will notice that that is kinda the base state of being for weighted blankets. They are all good, some are great, and some less so, but all weighted blankets that are properly fitted will benefit the users. This Rifrani build is not bad, but before we break down the parts, we need to figure out who weighted blankets are for.

Why Should I Buy a Weighted Blanket?

Weighted blankets are taking the world by storm, or at the very least by a light breeze, and for good reasons. They have a wide variety of medicinal benefits and clinically proven ones at that. I took a look into the science behind them, not quite believing the hype, but the studies have shown that they help in sleeping, relieve anxiety, reduce anger, mitigate the effects of depression, insomnia and autistic spectrum and attention disorders.

If you want to read the studies yourself I have a whole article on site that breaks down the findings and links to the important studies. Basically, it works on the principle of deep touch therapy. when pressure is applied to the body you release a variety of beneficial hormones, like serotonin and melatonin. These are the active ingredients in a better nights’ sleep. If you suffer from any of the above issues, or you just want to sleep better then you need to at least try out a weighted blanket for yourself.

Rifrani Weighted Blanket Build Quality & Materials

The Rifrani build is pretty standard, and by that I mean we do not have a removable cover. I wish more firms sold their weighted blanket with one, but that is not the case. It makes cleaning the thing a little more cumbersome than it needs to be. Regardless, the outer material is at least made of pure 100% cotton, and I am a big fan. Cotton is the best material for bedding, as it is sitting in that wonderful middle area between comfort, porousness, and durability. Many firms go for a more mink like poly blend, and I am not a fan. If you sleep hot or have an older memory foam mattress then you need to get a cotton topper material to mitigate the heat retention. There are no aesthetic options available with this one, just the standard grey, but that is also common in the adult weighted blanket market. Overall, not a bad start.

Inside we have more of the same, cotton bedding. Most firms manage to fill their weighted blanket with cotton, so that is hardly a feather in rifrani’s cap, but it is still nice to see. The weighting material is poly pellets, and while they have a number of positive attributes, I much prefer glass, for its superior weight distribution. Poly pellets can at least be machine washed and dried, and I have tested that claim on a variety of builds over the last few months. Remember to keep the heat on low, otherwise, you run the risk of ruining the blanket, and I have tested that part too. The Rifrani comes in three weights, over four sizes. The smallest build is the 49 ” x 72 ” at 15lbs, followed by the 60 ” x 80 ” at 15lbs, 17lbs, and 20lbs. A properly fitted weighted blanket needs to be flush with the bed, with no hang off, else you mess up the weight distribution, and you want said blanket to be between 8-12% of your total body weight. This means that the smaller build I tried was a little heavy for me, but it was still nice. I like that we have the 17lbs option, as with the prefab builds that tends to be an overlooked aspect of the market. Many firms will try to sell you on the idea of 15lbs being a one size fits all kinda thing, and that is very much not the case.

Rifrani Weighted Blanket Overall Review

A bare-bones build, no cover is a downside, but the cotton topper material is nice, and the insides are both useful and versatile. These kinds of the weighted blanket are a dime a dozen on the market right now, and the only thing to take into account is the price of the blanket in question. In this case, I was pleasantly surprised.

Rifrani Weighted Blanket Pricing & Returns Policy

Price wise we are looking at an interesting series here. The smallest build the 15lbs at 49 ” x 72 ” is $113.99, as is the larger 60 ” x 80 ” in the same weight. Going up in weight we have the 17lbs model at $129.99 and the 20lbs build sitting at $153.99. This is a fine selection of prices, and in the current market that is on the cheaper end. If you fall into the right weight class then there is a lot to like here.

The warranty is basic. I have looked at a wide variety of weighted blankets, and all but two of them have bad warranties. A simple 1-year long limited warranty that covers manufacturer faults. That is what we have here. I recommend that you buy it from amazon.com, as at least then you get access to the excellent consumer protection policies. I have had issues with sellers in the past, though never with weighted blankets, and having Amazon.com’s clout in my corner has been a godsend.

Rifrani Weighted Blanket – Is it Worth it in 2018?

Overall this is an okay option. There are a huge number of near-identical weighted blankets on the market right now, and the only real reason to go with this one over another is the price. If it falls into your price range, then go for it. the outer material is great, 100% cotton, the inner material is fine, poly pellets being easier to clean, and the current price is very competitive, around $10 less than the market average in their size/price ranges. The only issue is the weight ranges available. If you fall into the 8-12% range for a 15lbs, 17lbs or a 20lbs build then good news, this is well worth considering, if not then you are going to have to look for a different option.

The Rifrani is a very basic option. I am not saying that as a negative, but on the current market, filled with weighted blankets that match this in terms of quality, design, and features, then I would have liked to see a few bells and whistles. Overall, far from the best, far from the worst, depends on the price you can find it at.

Customer Support7
Value (Price)7.5
Reader Rating0 Votes0
Multiple Sizes Available
Good Materials
Weight Range is Somewhat Limited
Blanket Cover Not Included
Our Take
The Rifrani weighted blankets are pretty average blankets overall. The weight ranges are somewhat limited and the materials are nothing special compared to other blankets. However the low price may be attractive to some customers.

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