Rocabi Blanket Review

Rocabi remind me of Gravity. Or, more accurately, what Gravity wants to be. They offer a simple weighted blanket, in a number of weights, marketed towards adults, rather than children. There are few options, but when the core product is so well put together., you don’t really need too many.

Why Should I Buy a Weighted Blanket?

This might sound silly, but first we need to know what a weighted blanket is. It is simply a blanket that weighs a few pounds, and applies a consistent pressure on your entire body while you sleep. It works on the same principle as a hug. When you apply pressure to a body it releases serotonin, making it an effective tool in combating serotonin deficient illnesses.

The concept was first applied to children with ADHD, and those on the Autistic Spectrum, but it has been proven effective for those with insomnia, anger issues and general anxiety and depression. I have done an in-depth look at the mechanics behind weighted blankets, and it all works. You can read my full article on site, including links to all the studies I dug up.

About Rocabi

Rocabi are a relatively new firm, specializing in weighted blankets for adults. They offer a small range of products, suited to a broad spectrum user. Their return policy is excellent, in the upper bounds of the market right now, and their product range is expanding every few months. Certainly an up and comer, and with a product this good, I fully expect them to be around for a long time.

Rocabi Weighted Blanket Build Quality & Materials

The outer layer of the Rocabi is made from a poly blend, and it feels great. I am not a fan of the material in general, but even I have to admit that when it is spun right it can feel amazing. I dislike the breathability of it though. Cotton is always the better option, but we have to take the manufacturing cost into account. There are almost no style options to choose from, seems Rocabi ascribe to the same philosophy as Gravity, that one fairly bland size is good for all adults.

On the inside we have a full on cotton, and it is wonderful. Cotton is the king of bedding materials. Rocabi uses the fairly common plastic beads to apply the weight, and while I prefer glass, plastic really is the best overall option. It is both machine washable and it can be dried in a machine as well. There is only one size available at the moment, 60″ x 80″, meaning you need a fairly large bed. There are also only 3 different weight options as well, 15lbs, 20lbs and 25lbs, so if you weight less than 150 pounds, or more than 250, then you are better off looking elsewhere. This is not the first time a weighted blanket firm has offered a lackluster set of weight and size options. Gravity are in the same boat. It seems to me that if you want a weighted blanket that hits that golden 10% ratio you are going to have to go for a firm that started out as a children’s weighted blanket company, as the three of those I checked out all offer a full range.

Rocabi Weighted Blanket Overall Review

Overall, this is a fairly poor result. The core features are all there, but the lack of overall options is a fairly major black mark. Seems to me that they are trying to sell this to men exclusively, what with the limited weight options. The materials are good, and the look of the weighted blanket is great, but beyond that it is hard to recommend this one. Here’s hoping the price can turn it around a little.

Rocabi Weighted Blanket Pricing & Returns Policy

The core 15lb product, with the standard thread count cover is actually priced pretty well. It sits in the $199.99 price point, making it an excellent option for those between 145lbs and 160lbs. The premium model is a little more expensive, at $279.99. I would not recommend the more expensive option, as there are products on the market right now that match that in terms of quality while being much cheaper. The higher weighted products are $229.99, for the 20lb, and $249.99 for the 25lb. These both fall into the ballpark of my recommendations, so Rocabi have hit the nail on the head, even if they haven’t knocked it out of the park.

The warranty is again, standard. Just once I would like to see a weighted blanket firm blow me away. Instead we are looking at another 1 year of limited coverage. This means they will only repair or replace in the event of a factory fault, and you have to pay for the shipping back. The returns policy is not bad, falling into the higher end for weighted blankets at 30 days. The blanket does have to be sealed though, so bear that in mind. Little to write home about here.

Rocabi Weighted Blanket Additional Information

Rocabi is a new firm, and that means there product line and warranty policies are expanding. The range is pretty good right now, but I expect to see and want to see, a few more weight options added. that way their users can reap the most benefits. As it stands they have a good product, but far from the best I have ever checked out.

Rocabi Weighted Blanket – Is it Worth it in 2018?

Not as hard a sell as the Brookstone option, but still not the best I have ever seen. If you have a coupon code or some other kind of discount, then the Rocabi becomes a lot more impressive. In its current state, there is little to separate it from the crowd. A perfunctory weighted blanket, that manages to hit all the key features you might want, cotton outer layer, a good size, and a simple look that will go with anything, but a blanket fundamentally hurt by the lack of overall options.

Customer Support6.5
Value (Price)5.5
Reader Rating0 Votes0
Quality Materials
Variety of Sizes/Weights
Higher Price Point
Limited Warranty
Our Take
Rocabi's weighted blanket is sold as a premium product with a higher price point than most. The quality of this blanket is high and it is available in many convenient sizes and options. Despite the positive aspects of this blanket, we're not sure if they warrant the higher price above its competitors.

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