Sensacalm Weighted Blanket Review

The first of a series of reviews on the top brands in the weighted blanket market, and who better to start with than SensaCalm. They offer a wide range of styles, custom fitted and weighted, with enough variety to suit anyone. They have been in the business for a long time to, around a decade as of 2017, and they have crafted one of the most robust product lines on the market.

Why Should I Buy a Weighted Blanket?

Weighted blankets, put simply, are heavy blankets, usually sown through with beads or barley, that press down a little on you while you use them. The health benefits are well understood at this point, and I wrote a whole article looking at a wide variety of studies that have shown the effects of them. At base, the blanket simulates a hug and all the chemicals that flow from that.

In real terms, they have been proven to reduce stress, lower anxiety, and increase concentration in children and adults with attention issues. They were primarily used as a treatment option for kids on the Autistic Spectrum, kids with ADHD and adults with anxiety and sleep disorders. There is a lot of evidence out there for that, and if you want to read a full write up then check out The Science of Weighted Blankets right here.

About SensaCalm

SensaCalm is very much a homegrown firm. The owner, Donna Chambers, was frustrated by the lack of options and the high prices back in 2007, so took matters into her own hands and made one herself and grew from there. Their products are all handmade, with customization options and passion for what they do.

Sensacalm Weighted Blanket Build Quality & Materials

The best place to start is the beginning. The SensaCalm weighted blanket hits all the right buttons for me in terms of a topper. It is made from pure 100% cotton. Cotton really is the king of blanket materials. The perfect combination of durability, breathability, and comfort. There are other firms on the market right now using blends, and while they work, they never hit the triad quite so well as cotton does. The core look of their weighted blanket is interesting. Disregarding the design, the core blanket is segmented into squares, due to the poly-fil used. I like it, but for those who want something more traditional you can leave the poly-fil off, leading to a more uniform look. SensaCalm offers a wide variety of designs, from simple monochromes to more exciting patterns, suitable for adults and children.

Five sizing options are available, but besides the Queen, they do not correlate to mattress sizes. The smallest is 34″ x 50″, Medium is 38″ x 62″, Large is 38″ x 72″, Full is 56″ x 72″ and the Queen is 64″ x 72″. You buy for the person, with the smaller sizes being for children. The weight options range from 3 pounds to 40 pounds, depending on the size of the blanket. You can also have it monogrammed or lined with fleece.

On the inside, we have a standard blanket, with the weight added with by Polypropylene Pellets. A great option, as it is not only hypoallergenic but is also able to be dried in the machine. I prefer glass beads, but with the glass option, you have to let it air dry, so less good if you are in a hurry. The Poly-fil adds to the heat of the blanket, but it must be noted that it is no warmer than a regular comforter.

Sensacalm Weighted Blanket Pricing & Returns Policy

The price is a little hard to nail down, as each option comes with a price tag. SensaCalm offers a variety of ready to sell weighted blankets, with the small blankets falling into the $100 price point, and the large blankets being a little over $300. The clearance options are as limited as their ready to chip options, both in terms of variety and price, with the smallest being $89. That is the same as a none edited small custom. I tried to make the most expensive blanket possible, with all the trimmings, and that came out to $375.45, for a Queen sized blanket, monogrammed with matching pillowcases at the highest weight. Not a bad price for a bespoke anything really. The average price falls into the $200 price point, for a large, average weighted adult. More than affordable. In addition, shipping is free in the US, if you buy a weighted blanket costing more than $100, but for international buyers, there is a fee.

The warranty is at best, there. I spent the guts of a year reviewing mattresses, and it ruined me for normal warranties. The Sensacalm folk make a fine product, but a year warranty covering manufacturer faults is a little less than ideal. It applies in the US only, so if you are an international buyer you had betterĀ hope it arrives unscathed and in perfect condition. If you want to return it unopened you have three days to do so, but you will be deducted the cost of shipping. If you wait longer than three days but before thirty you are likely to get 80% of your money back, and anything between 30 days and a year will leave you only able to exchange the product. A bit of a black mark, but considering the quality on offer a minor one.

Sensacalm Weighted Blanket Additional Information

There are so many little things that I simply could not fit into the review proper. If you want to use a cover design they do not have you can send the material to Sensacalm, assuming it is 100% cotton, and they will use that to make the blanket, there is a fee for this. You cannot remove the weight, as the beads are sewn into the duvet. When washing, make sure you do so on its own, and dry it on a low heat. The Beads have a high melting point but do not microwave the blanket, as it can damage the materials. Sensacalm sells a variety of other weighted products, including lap pads, vests, and belts, so if you want to make use of the effects during the day you have that option.

Sensacalm Weighted Blanket – Is it Worth it in 2018?

Considering the time and energy that went into this product I would have to say yes. The quality of the material used, the look of the build and the huge amount of customization options make this the one to beat me. If you are in the market for a weighted blanket or weighted anything else for that matter, then you need to check out Sensacalm.

Overall Review
Customer Support8.5
Value (Price)6.5
Reader Rating29 Votes3.4
Tons of Design Options
Hand Made With Care
Higher Price Point
Our Take
Overall a great choice for children that require a theraputic weighted blanket. They provide more design options than almost anyone else in the space and build their blankets with quality materials. A good choice for customized, handmade blankets. The aesthetic and style doesn't align with my personal needs but for the right customer they are a great fit!

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