Sensory University Blanket Review

The Sensory University’s weighted blankets are a touch different from the others I have checked out. The current weighted blanket market is expanding, more and more adults are reaping the benefits, and as a result, firms that formally focused on making builds for children have branched out. That is not the case with The Sensory University. And that is no bad thing. If you are looking for a weighted blanket for your child then it is arguably better to go with a firm that focuses on that.

Why Should I Buy a Weighted Blanket?

Weighted blankets have a wide-ranging list of supposed benefits, and when I first read up on them I didn’t believe half of it. But I went in with an open mind, did the research and found the peer-reviewed studies to back it all up. The vast majority of it was true. It has been demonstrated that applying pressure to the body releases serotonin, and this has been shown to have a major positive effect on serotonin starved disorders.

During the early stages of research it was focused on children, showing positive results for those with ADHD and Autistic Spectrum Disorders, but in the last ten years studies have noted a marked decrease in anxiety, an increased ability to fall asleep, great for those with insomnia, and even a decrease in stress-related explosive anger. These benefits are even present in people without disorders, though to a lesser degree. If you want to make your life just a little easier day to day, then you owe it to yourself to at least test out a weighted blanket.

About The Sensory University

The Sensory university is an offshoot of Peach State Pediatric Therapy, and as such the vast majority of their products are targeted towards children, specifically those on the Autistic Spectrum. They have been selling a wide range of sensory toys for years now. Their weighted blankets fall into a similar category, as not only are they weighted, they are also covered in a soft, Minky material, providing relief to kids with those kinds of disorders. The variety of toys available is extensive, and if you are looking for a range of items for your child, they are well worth checking out, but I am here to talk about their weighted blanket.

The Sensory University Weighted Blanket Build Quality & Materials

Off the bat, we have the cover material, and in this case, we are looking at a poly cotton blend. I am not usually a fan of the poly blends, but  I understand why they went for it here. Cotton is not particularly stimulating, and using a pure cotton cover would defeat the purpose of the blanket. In addition, poly blends are easier to clean and slightly more durable, which makes it a great choice for a child’s blanket. The cover is not removable, which is a bit of a black mark, increasing the time it takes to dry the thing, but so far as I can find out it does appear to be machine dryable, so long as you keep the heat down low. There are three colors available, technically. Red, Blue and a combination of both. They claim this is due to how children on the spectrum interpret colors, with blue being more calming and red more stimulating, but I have looked into this, and it turns out there are zero studies out there that show a correlation.

On the inside, we have pure cotton combined with plastic pellets for ballast. Plastic is hypoallergenic, and as mentioned, you can dry it in a machine. The biggest downsides come in this section, and boy are they plentiful. Every other firm I have looked at offer at least a handful of sizing and weight options, but here we have just the one. The blanket is 45″ x 60″, and weighs only 8lbs. The claim on site is that this is perfect for a child, but the science disagrees. Standard weight for children matches the ratio for adults, with 7-12% of body weight being the best option. according to the stats, 11-year-olds weigh 80lbs on average, so buying this for anyone younger may cause problems. These issues are a touch surprising, seeing as the background company are pediatricians.

The Sensory University Weighted Blankets Pricing & Returns Policy

The price is higher than I would like. Admittedly it’s a good size, and 8lbs is a nice broad spectrum weight, but $159.99 is $40 above what I would be willing to pay for those dimensions. Shipping isn’t free either, sitting at around $20. Again, a bad choice, as most bespoke solutions offer free shipping across the US.

The warranty is perfectly fine. The standard 1 year of manufacturer’s coverage, combined with simple returns and exchange policy. You have 14 days to return defective products to the seller, not the manufacturer, for a full refund, and a further 30 days to return for any reason. if the product is not defective then the refund will have 15% shaved off the top for a restocking fee. You cannot purchase Sensory University items direct from their site anymore, seen as it is shut down, so you are forced to use Amazon. That is great, as in the event of something going wrong on the seller’s side you have Amazon’s excellent consumer protection policies to fall back on.

The Sensory University Weighted Blankets – Is it Worth it in 2018?

Really wanted to be able to say yes to this. The Sensory University has excellent credentials, far better than the majority of sellers on the market right now, but this product does not live up to expectations. I can see what they were going for, but there are simply too many products of equal and better quality at lower prices right now. Perhaps they will amend the price, and change the manufacturing process a little, at some point, making it more worth it, but for now, I have to recommend you go elsewhere for a weighted blanket for your child.

Sensory University Blanket Review
Custom Support8
Value (Price)3.5
Large, Trusted Brand
Expensive Compared To Competition
Not Enough Options
Our Take
Overall the Sensory University blanket is a decent blanket but there are other blankets of similar quality for a better price. There are a number of firms out there that offer bespoke solutions, at lower prices, with higher quality materials. If you manage to find this one on sale, and your child happens to fall into the right spot for it to work, then it might be a halfway decent option however you can find better options (reviewed on this website.)

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