Sivio Weighted Blanket Review

The Sivio weighted blanket is an interesting model. In terms of fabrics, it is one of my favorites, but it comes with a few downsides that cannot be overlooked. The price compensates nicely for it, and if you are looking for a bare bones build, that sleeps cool, then the Sivio might just be the weighted blanket for you. But before we dive into the review proper, we need to discuss who weighted blankets are for.

Why Should I Buy a Weighted Blanket?

There are a variety of people out there making all kinds of wild claims regarding weighted blankets. When I first starting using one I was skeptical, but I found that they do improve my mood and help me sleep. I wanted to know why, and so I did the research, found the studies, some of which go back twenty odd years, and what I found was fascinating. Many of the early studies focused on the effects weighted blankets had on children with autistic spectrum and attention disorders, showing a marked improvement in both.

The studies of the last ten years have shown a strong correlation between using a weighted blanket and a reduction in anxiety, depression, and anger. In addition, they have improved the sleep of insomnia sufferers. It’s due to something called deep touch pressure, or the hug effect. When pressure is applied to the body you release a variety of hormones, like serotonin and melatonin. These do a lot of things, but they also help you relax. If you want to read the studies you can find my write up on site, along with a list of links direct to them.

Sivio Blankets Weighted Blanket Build Quality & Materials

Always begin at the top, or in this case the topper. The cover of the Sivio is removable, and that is rare in this market. Always good to see, as it makes cleaning it much easier, and it takes less time too. The cover material used is pure 100% cotton, and if you have read a few of these articles you should know how much I love me some cotton. Cotton is the best bedding material bar none. I used to test out mattresses, and thus have looked into a wide variety of materials, and tested them out as well, and cotton sits in that nice middle ground between durability, porousness, and comfort. All other materials have to sacrifice one area but do tend to make gains in another. This is one of only three builds that come with a removable cotton cover, the vast majority of removable covers on the market right now use a poly cotton mink feel blend. I sleep on an older memory foam bed, and they tend to retain heat a bit, so cotton is the only choice I make, for the extra cooling, allows me to add this extra blanket without overheating. There are no design options to choose from though, and the Sivio blanket looks much like the other cheap prefab builds. A simple grey finish. I like the grey, and it gives it a more adult contemporary feel, but I still would have liked to see the options.

The inside is also cotton, but all firms tend to manage cotton on the inside. Keeps the blanket light. The weight is added via plastic poly pellets, and while I can see why they went for this option, I prefer glass beads. The glass tends to distribute the weight more evenly than the plastic, but plastic is better in terms of utility. Plastic builds can be machine washed and dried, though you will have to do so on a low heat and a cold spin else you may damage the blanket. I have tested this on a few of these things in the last few months and ruined two finding the limits. There is only one size and weight options available, and this is a bad thing. The Sivio build is 60″ x 80″, and come in the 15lbs form factor. This is the most broad spectrum option, but it will not suit everyone. A properly fitted weighted blanket must fit flush with your bed, with no hang off, and the weight should be between 8-12% of your total body weight, else you will not experience the peak benefits. So if you fall into the right niche for the Sivio, then excellent, on to the price.

Sivio Blankets Weighted Blanket Overall Review

I love seeing a removable cover, and that is doubly true when it is 100% cotton. Weighted blankets come in non-standard sizes, so getting a cover that will fit can be a bit of a pain. Some firms even sell them separately, which I hate, but here the Sivio model comes with all you need to get going. The use of plastic pellets is a bit of a downside, but not overly so, and I would have liked to get one that better fit my needs, but overall this is a great option.

Sivio Blankets Weighted Blanket Pricing & Returns Policy

With just the one weighted blanket to choose from the pricing section becomes a bit barren, so let’s stretch this. The Sivio 15lbs weighted blanket is $121.99 as of right now. That is well below the market average for a blanket in this size and weight point. If only they offered a wider range of weights, I could recommend everyone jump on this bandwagon. There is also a $10 discount code that is applied at the point of sale as well, pulling the price down to $111.99, making it all the more attractive.

The warranty is not bad, the usual 1 year of limited coverage. This only covers factory faults, so be sure to look closely at your blanket when it arrives in order to make immediate use of it. I dislike limited warranties, the wording is not very consumer friendly. It’s why I recommend you buy via, then you at least gain access to Amazon’s excellent consumer protection policies. I have made use of them in the past, and have never been unsatisfied with the results.

Sivio Blankets Weighted Blanket – Is it Worth it in 2018?

Bit of a mixed bag overall. If you happen to weigh the right amount and have a large enough bed, then recommending the Sivio build is easy, go get it. It is cheap, comes with a removable cover that is actually made of cotton, and it will work. For literally anyone outside that weight range, then there is nothing here for you. I had a rough enough time sleeping, and while I am not willing to throw out the concept of placebo entirely, I place the blame on the weight. There are a dozen or so weighted blankets of similar quality and price that may better suit your weight needs.

I love removable covers, and while I feel I have been going on about it a bit much in this review, I cannot stress enough their utility, nor can I stress enough the fact that pure 100% cotton covers rarely come with your purchase as standard. With more utility in the plastic pellets and a nice price, the Sivio become a very attractive product, for those in the right weight range. Well worth considering.

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Our Take
At first glance, the Sivio weighted blanket seems to blend into a sea of other economy-priced blankets. Solid materials and a range of available weights make the Sivio a decent choice for an entry-level weighted blanket.

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