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I’ve received a LOT of requests to review the SleepForce blanket, more so than any blanket other than the Gravity Blanket.

So as soon as they came back in stock I ordered one so you can stop harrassing me haha. They were previously only available direct from the manufacturer and in select stores nationwide but they’ve started offering them on a few different websites which is nice to see.  That said I don’t want to waste any time getting into this review so let’s get it started!

That said the best price is usually direct from the manufacturer which you can get by clicking here.

(after the 60th weighted blanket review you kind of run out of things to say in the intro section…) 

About SleepForce Blankets

SleepForce Blankets is a United States based company, Minneapolis, MN to be exact. This is nice to see in this space for a couple of reasons. Having US based support is a bonus for myself (I’m based in the United States) as it helps with returns, refunds, or other issues that sometimes pop-up with the products.

A lot of the manufacturers and sellers in the weighted blanket space are private label sellers which can cause some issues as they don’t really have a hand in the quality control of the blankets. You’ll notice a lot of the big sellers on Amazon come in fast, have a lot of “questionable” reviews, and then almost overnight they just seem to disappear.

I’ve seen it happen a handful of times with blankets I’ve reviewed, so knowing that the company is a legitimate brand helps ease some of these concerns.


So weighted blankets generally consist of 3 layers and any one of the 3 being subpar can lead to not only poor comfort but a product that won’t withstand the test of time.

The Outer Layer – The SleepForce Blanket comes with the outer layer included (not all blankets do so keep that in mind when shopping.) The layer itself is made from Minky, which is an all-natural blended fabric that’s not as well known as something like cotton or polyester.  The best way to describe Minky is a more durable cashmere (super soft like mink fur.)

The quality of the minky fabric on the SleepForce blanket is on par with the best I’ve tested. It’s soft, durable, and breathes well. Very similar in feel and quality to the Gravity Blanket fabric, in all likelihood the premium blanket manufacturers (ie Gravity, Rocabi, SleepForce) all source from the same supplier for their outer layer materials. The fabrics are pretty indistinguishable between the three.

The Inner Layer – The inner layer may not seem important but it’s the “backbone” of the blanket. You want a durable and breathable inner layer so that it works well in both hot and cold temperatures.

If you read my buyers guide I recommended cotton for these reasons. SleepForce uses cotton for their inner layer so that’s a thumbs up in my book!

Inner Filling – The Inner Filling is where ~80% of the blanket manufacturers try and save money. You never see the inner filling so the majority of weighted blanket companies use poly pellets (and some even use sand or rice which I won’t even get into…)

SleepForce is one of the few companies whose product actually uses glass pellets. I’m sure this adds a bit to the manufacturing costs but they really do provide the best weight distribution, moisture resistance, and they don’t warp/degrade over time.

Build Quality

So the materials used are top of the line, but even the best materials can be wasted if the build quality itself is subpar.  Good news is the build matches the quality of materials in SleepForce’s case.  The blankets are handmade and it shows when it comes to the manufacturing quality and strength of the stitching.  Again it might cost a little more than running it down an automated assembly line but the quality shows through.

Additionally, the inner layer has well stitched inner pocketed squares which are a huge plus.  As you can imagine with weighted blankets the inner fillings tend to clump up and having pocketed squares leads to even distribution of the weight. The SleepForce blanket has strong, quality stitching so you shouldn’t have to worry about any of the glass pellets moving to a place they shouldn’t be.


Let’s start off by saying one thing, comfort is pretty subjective.

Due to this I use a very scientific methodology to determine the “comfort” score for blankets. This proven scientificly sound method consists of me forcing my friends and family to try out over 40 weighted blankets when they come over haha.

Pro-Tip: making your friends and family test products for your review website is a great way to alienate friends and family…

That said the SleepForce blanket has received rave reviews in the comfort department. This isn’t surprising to me as the SleepForce blanket is one of the few blankets that went 3 for 3 regarding the recommended materials in the weighted blanket buyers guide here.

The weight distrubutes well, the outer cover is one of the softest I’ve tested, and the 3 weight options make it a good fit for most people. Out of the 50+ blankets I’ve crowd tested, SleepForce received the most “can I keep it’s” of the bunch.  Can’t argue with such a scientifically sound methodology haha…


Testing durability is hard in a short time frame.  We can extrapolate off build quality, stitching, pulling, tugging, tossing around but nothing really proves out how durable something is like the test of time.

Due to this, I don’t give any blankets a 10/10 on durability as it’s just impossible to know off the bat.  However, I update these reviews as time goes by and I receive feedback from friends (who I’ve given the reviewed blankets too) and readers who contact me.  Additionally, I periodically check numerous online reviews for all the blankets to see if any issues arise.

So moral of the story this section will be built out better as time goes on. For now the sleepforce checks out well in this regard.

Size & Weight Options

So this is the one area that the SleepForce blanket comes up a little short in.  They currently offer three weight options 15 LBS, 20 LBS, and 25 LBS. All three weights come in the same size 48 ” x 72”.

The good news is 48 ” x 72” is the ideal size for a weighted blanket in my opinion.  Any larger and it’s hard to use while sitting on the couch, in a chair, and even in bed as larger blankets tend to hang over the edges which really disrupts the experience.

From a weight standpoint, most people will be happy with one of the 3 options. 15, 20, & 25 are the standard blanket weights in the industry, however,  like comfort, weight can be a personal preference. Some people may want a lighter blanket around 10 pounds or something insanely heavy like a 30 lb blanket. For me 20 pounds is perfect (I weigh roughly 170 lbs) but when it comes to options there’s no such a thing as too many, in my opinion.

If you aren’t sure what weight would be right for you I always recommend starting somewhere around 10% of your body weight and going from there.

Pricing & Returns Policy

For what you get, the SleepForce blanket is a pretty great deal in my opinion.

Obviously compared to cheaper, Chinese blankets that don’t come with the outer layer it’ll seem expensive but when you compare it to the premium weighted blankets on the market it’s actually on the cheaper side.  I put it on the level of the Gravity Blanket which costs $279 for a 15lb , 20lb, or 25lb blanket.

The SleepForce Blanket, on the other hand, has a tiered pricing structure that goes as follows:

  • 15 LBS – $199.99
  • 20 LBS – $209.99
  • 25 LBS – $219.99

Again not the cheapest blanket on the market but when the quality of materials and craftsmanship is taken into account the price is about as good as you’re going to get. Plus they toss in a cool little “sleep kit” that consists of a (very) nice sleepmask and a (pretty average) set of earplugs.

From a return policy standpoint, SleepForce offers a no questions asked, one-year money back guarantee. Plus they now sell on Amazon so you also have the benefit of Amazon’s return policy to stack on top of that if you buy through there.

SleepForce Weighted Blanket Overall Rating

Overall the SleepForce is probably one of, if not the premier weighted blanket on the market today.  I would consider it one of the best I’ve reviewed in just about every category with the exception of the weight/size options. That said the options they do have available are likely going to satisfy 99% of the people out there so while it’s somewhat of a downside I won’t hold it against them too hard.

If you are looking for a high end, premium weighted blanket or an alternative to the gravity blanket I think the SleepForce Blanket is your best bet as long as they are in stock which has been an issue in the past.

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Customer Support9.5
Value (Price)7.5
Reader Rating67 Votes3.6
Premium Materials
Quality Hand Made Construction
Good Value For A High End Product
US Based Company
Could Offer More Varieties
Out Of Stock Fairly Often
Our Take
Overall the SleepForce is probably one of, if not the premier weighted blanket on the market today.  As of publication this is the highest scoring blanket we have yet to review. If they are able to come out with more options in regards to weight, sizes, and colors I think they'll be hard to top.
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