Special Supplies Weighted Blanket Review

The second new blanket for me is as many weeks, the Special Supplies build is a little more narrow in scope than most others I have checked out. It is a fine build, but it is unlikely that you will fall into the slice of the market they are aiming for. For the rest of us, there is a lot to recommend. Before we dive into the breakdown let’s ask, who are weighted blankets for?

Why Should I Buy a Weighted Blanket?

There are so many reasons to get a weighted blanket these days. A whole host of mad claims made, a whole host of mad claims that need to be verified, and I am happy to say that whatever you might have heard, it’s probably true. Weighted blankets reduce anxiety and depression, they allow you to keep a tighter grip on your anger, they aid you in falling asleep and they even help those with Spectrum disorders and attention disorders cope with day to day life.

I did not believe half of that when I first read it, but I did my research, I have found dozens of studies, from all over the world, that corroborate these conclusions. If you suffer from any disorder listed then you will find something to like in a weighted blanket, and even if you don’t, you can still reap some small benefit, namely a more restful nights sleep. It is all down to something called Deep touch pressure, when you apply pressure to the body, like with a hug, serotonin and melatonin is released, leading to the above-mentioned effects. Almost like magic.

Special Supplies Weighted Blanket Build Quality & Materials

Best to start with the top, and here we have a poly cotton blend. They went for a broad spectrum build, one that addresses the needs of adults and children with attention or spectrum disorders, so a mink finish was a good choice. Allows the blanket to be marketed as a sensory build, and I am a fan of the final feel. It is not quite as breathable as cotton though, but I did not find myself heating up when using it, unlike a few other builds I have tried in the past. The cover is removable as well, which is a godsend when it comes to cleaning. Considering that you might be buying this for a child, being able to clean it on the fly, without a long drying time, is incredibly useful. There are four color options to choose from, which is more than most prefab builds right now, Navy, Orange, Grey, and Lavender.

On the inside, we have 100% cotton, which is the norm for most weighted blankets. You will find that the build is segmented, this allows an even distribution of the beads, which in this case are the good stuff. Glass. I use a weighted blanket with glass myself, and it is so nice to see it here. There are a number of downsides to the material though, namely that it cannot be machine washed nor dried, but I feel it is a small price to pay for the superior weight distribution that comes with glass beads. There are no options in terms of size or weight though, which is what I was hinting at in the opening paragraph. The blankets are all 60″ x 80″,  in the 12lbs weight class. This is perfect for me, but I realize that it will not fit all. Remember, a properly fitted weighted blanket should not hang over the bed, else you get a less uniform weight distribution, and it should weigh around 10% of your total body weight. 8% to 12% would be more accurate, but 10% is a good rule of thumb. The lack of options here makes it a bit of a hard sell to the masses though.

Special Supplies Weighted Blanket Overall Review

Overall a fine build. The use of Mink-like covering material was a good choice, considering they are aiming for a broad spectrum build, and the added comfort is great. The use of glass is fantastic, my preferred weight material, but remember the downsides. The lack of size and weight options is a big black mark though, and if you fall out of the category then you are going to have to look elsewhere.

Special Supplies Weighted Blanket Pricing & Return Policy

When it comes to price the Special supplies build is a little more expensive than others on the market, but I feel that it more than makes up for that with the material choices. Glass is more expensive in general after all. You can find it for $175.99 right now, and I am sure there will be a few discount codes out there to use as well. A great price for a great product.

The warranty is lackluster, but no more so than any other weighted blanket, I have tested. There is a 1-year limited warranty with the weighted blanket, but this only covers factory faults. Not a huge issue, but be sure to go over your purchase with a fine-toothed comb when you get it. I recommend sticking by Amazon.com when buying, as then you get their excellent consumer protection policies added on top. I have had to make use of their muscle in the past when dealing with some less than stellar sellers and they have yet to let me down. Best to try for as much peace of mind as possible says I.

Special Supplies Weighted Blanket – Is it Worth it in 2018?

The Special Supplies weighted blanket is a niche build in a niche market. Not a huge black mark on them, but an expansion of the range to cover a few more sizes might be something they want to look into. The materials used are great, and the size fits me perfectly, so I am a fan. If you are on the market right now for a weighted blanket, you don’t mind having to dry clean the blanket every few months, you want the best overall feel in terms of weight, and you happen to fall into the right weight range, then you have to check out the Special Supplies weighted blanket. With all those caveats I think you know if this is the one for you or not.

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Good Materials
Removable Cover
Lack of Weight Options
Similar to Other Competitors
Our Take
The Special Supplies blanket is a good entry-level blanket for those who looking to try them out. The build quality is fine but sizing is limited and there isn't much different about them compared to competitors.

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