Top Ten Weighted Blankets in 2020

I have been compiling information for the last several months leading up to this article. The top ten. I have been lucky enough to try out a wide range of weighted blankets, around 30 at this point, and while the vast majority on the market right now are identical, there are a few out there that really step up in terms of quality and options. The bottom four of this list are essentially interchangeable. Simple blankets, with a small number of options, and near-identical internals. The deciding factor for you will be the price, and if one undercuts the other then get it. At the bottom, we have the bespoke options, and boy, are they a cut above. But first, just who are weighted blankets for?

Why Should I Buy a Weighted Blanket?

There are a whole host of reasons to buy a weighted blanket, chief among them is a better nights rests. I did the research on this and the reason stems from something called Deep Touch Pressure. It is sometimes called the “hug” effect. The pressure is applied to the body you release serotonin and melatonin, which are both calling and restful on their own. there are a number of disorders than benefit from this too, like depression, anxiety, ADHD, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, and insomnia. I have verified all these by looking at a number of studies done over the last twenty years, and you can find links to them on my science of weighted blankets article.

Top Ten Weighted Blankets 2020

Our Top Pick in 2020

SleepForce Weighted Blanket

Better ingredients, better blanket. SleepForce. Sorry for the corny papa johns reference there.  That said that’s really what separates SleepForce from the field as of now.  There are a lot of blanket manufacturers who skimp out on materials to lower the price point (think poly beads, no outer layer included, poor stitching, etc) while the premium blanket manufacturers use only the best. Premium materials and hand made construction while keeping the price point on par with others is what makes SleepForce our top pick. Handmade, double stitching, glass pellets, ideal size, premium inner and outer covers, etc.  For a full breakdown of why we recommend all these things check out our weighted blanket buyers guide here. They currently offer 15, 20, 25 lbs blankets all in the same size 48 ” x 72”. This should be good for most of the population (minus young children.)

Also, the fact that it’s a US-based company helps (if  you are North American based that is.) We’ve run into a lot of issues with some of the manufacturers on the market actually just being a “private label” blanket from some random factory in China. This leads to issues with replacements, warranties, and quality while also resulting in random “discount” options disappearing overnight and leaving customers high and dry.  When you invest in a blanket we highly recommend finding one that comes from a trustworthy company (think SleepForce, Magic, Gravity etc.)

They tend to sell out often but you can see if they are in stock at their website here. 




Honorable Mentions – 2020 Update

Weighted Ideas Weighted Blanket

The weighted ideas build is very similar to the XILI build, with a nice range of weight and size options, but it has one major benefit that the XILI lacks. The cover is made of pure 100% cotton. It still isn’t removable, so the issues are still present there, but the overall feel of the build is still excellent. The weight is added via plastic poly pellets, and those are great, even if they are not quite as even as a glass option. Any build that uses poly pellets is machine washable and dryable. Though you will have to dry it on a low heat. Still faster than air drying though. There are a lot of size and weight options available, 5lbs, 7lbs, 10lbs, 12lbs, 15lbs, 17lbs, 20lbs, and 30lbs. This is far beyond the norm, and while the size options are locked to certain weights, there is still certain to be something to suit you here. Price-wise we are looking at $79 for the 5lbs smallest and $399 for the 30lbs largest. In the middle we have a 15lbs, 41″ x 60″, is $109, which is a great price. If you are looking to buy a weighted blanket for pretty much anyone, and you don’t want to break the bank, then check out the Weighted Ideas build.

Good Knight Weighted Blanket

The Good Knight build is one of my favorites in terms of look. It is a simple gray blanket that just looks great. There is nothing here for a child though, and there are too few sizes and weight options for me to recommend it wholesale, but if you fall into the right weight and bed size range, then this is a great option. The outer material is 100% cotton, but again you cannot remove it for easy cleaning. The inside is also cotton, like most builds, but there is just the one size, 60″ x 80″. There are two weights though, 15lsb and 17lbs. The 15lbs build is $119.99, which is excellently priced. The 17lbs build is $139.99, which is, again, a great price. The lack of nuance in the weights is a bit of a downside though, but if you fall into the right weight range then you will be well served by this option.

Magic Weighted Blanket

Magic offers more cover materials than any other firm on the market right now, with five distinct materials to choose from. the cover is not removable though. They offer a pure 100% cotton, which is the one I tested out, but they also offer Chenille for a silkier experience, for a cozy feel there is the fleece or the mink and if you need a little more durability, there is a waterproof option. The look of the blanket depends on the material, the cotton has the most options, while the waterproof the least, with just the one. The sizes are locked to the weights here, but there is a fully custom option to buy, and it isn’t that much more expensive. At core we have 24″ x 30″ at 4lbs, 36″ x 48″ at 6lbs, 36″ x 54″ at 8lbs, 36″ x 60″ at 10lbs, 42″ x 60″ at 12lbs, 42″ x 72″ at 16lbs, 42″ x 78″ at 18lbs, 54″ x 78″ at 24lbs, 42″ x 78″ at 10lbs and,  54″ x 78″ at 14lbs. The lack of upper range shows that Magic focuses on the children’s market, and that is no bad thing. The prices are variable, but on average you can get one for around $150. The most expensive option is waterproof, with the smallest being $119 and the largest being $279. Overall, if you want a finely made weighted blanket for your child, then Magic is the one to go with.

CMFRT Weighted Blanket

The CMFRT is a great weighted blanket, with a nice array of weights, enough to suit the vast majority, and for a change, a removable cover. I love removable coves on these things, as it makes cleaning incredibly easy. The cover is a poly blend, with a mink-like finish, on one side, and cotton on the other which makes it great for children, and those who like an extra soft feel to their blankets. One side of the blanket is layered with climate-cool cotton, which allows for excellent heat dissipation. I got my start reviewing mattresses, and if you have a memory foam layer on yours then having that climate-cool cotton layer will help with the heat retention issues. The smallest is the 41″ x 56″ at 5 lb or 8lbs, next is the 48″ x 78″ at 12 lb, and finally the 60″x80″ at 16 lb, 22lbs and 25lbs. The price range is competitive, with the smallest priced at $89.99, while the largest 25lbs build is $189.99. The mid-range is a little pricier than I would like, but considering the elevated tech level of this build, I think it is more than worth it.

NEX Weighted Blanket

These few weighted blankets are going to be a bit bare-bones in terms of options but still offer more in that regard than the other low-cost prefab builds on the market. I checked out the NEX just a few months back, and it impressed me. There is no removable cover, which does make it more difficult to clean, but the outer layer is made of 100% pure cotton. I love cotton, it is the best bedding material in terms of breathability, durability, and porousness, meaning that the NEX is cozy in the winter, but not stifling in the summer months. There are only four size options to choose from, but it covers the gamut of adult sizes. if you are looking for a weighted blanket for your child you will have to look elsewhere. The prices run as low as $135.99, for a 15lbs blanket in a medium, to $175 in the 20lbs weight. The middleweight is 17lbs, priced at $164.99, and it is rare to see 17lbs over 18lbs. The overlap here is minor and you should be able to find a blanket that weighs between 8% and 12% of your body weight fairly easily. Overall a great low-cost model.

XILI Weighted Blanket

The XILI is mainly for young adults, women, and children, and I am fairly okay with that. The vast majority of low-cost options on the market ignore the child sizes and bottom out at 15lbs. That does not suit me, and I imagine it doesn’t suit quite a few of my readers. The XILI also lacks a removable cover, making it harder to clean, and it is a poly blend. I am not usually a fan of the poly blends, as they retain heat more, but there is a good reason to find it here. Mink like poly blends are called sensory blankets and are perfect for children on the spectrum. Their smallest blanket 35″ x 47″ at 5lbs build is $68, which is well below the market average. If you are looking for a high quality, low cost build for your young child then this is excellent. Their largest and heaviest build is $396, putting on par with their competitors. The mid range size, 40″ x 60″ at 15lbs, sits in the $125 range, which is not only very affordable but is also below average in terms of price. Overall the XILI is an impressive build, and well worth considering.

Weighting Comforts Weighted Blanket

Weighting Comforts are on the cutting edge in my mind. They offer a range of options, and while that range is less than with the likes of Mosiac or Sensacalm, it is way more than a prefab build. The main selling point for me is the Coolmax fabric tech that they use. There are three cover materials to choose from, quilted cotton, flannel or the CoolMax. The CoolMax is a poly blend, but engineered to be more breathable than cotton, thus maintaining the durability of the poly blends, and allows you to sleep cool. There are around a dozen color options, but they are tied to the cover material. The inside is the usual cotton across the board, and the weight is added via poly pellets. The CoolMax is set to a 55” x 74” size, while other materials have their own sizes, be sure to measure your bed before buying. The weight range is limited, with the firm aiming almost exclusively for the adult market. Here we have 15lbs, 20lbs, and 25lbs. Price-wise, the CoolMax is a little more expensive than the other builds, with the lightest being $269. Not a terrible price, but it might put it beyond the reach of some. Finally, the firm gives so much back to the community, being linked to Sew for Hope, who employ refugees. Overall a great option if you have found other blankets too hot.

Lifetime Sensory Weighted Blanket

Lifetime Sensory are like Sensacalm and Mosaic, they offer a wide range of blankets, at very low prices. There are two cover materials to choose from, cotton or mink fabric. The mink is mostly for children, and it seems great. I have used other firms poly mink blends in the past. I checked out a cotton-based build, and it feels amazing. Very durable, extra breathable and the right style of comfort. There are hundreds of cover materials to choose from, and I am sure you will find a look that you like. The inside is the usual cotton, with a touch of poly-fil. There are six size options to choose from, Mini toddler, five-foot twin, six-foot twin, full size, queen, and king, with the larger sizes coming in a variety of weights, depending on the size,  toddler size ranges from 4lbs to 6lbs, 5 foot twin from 4lbs to 18lbs, in increments of 1, 6 foot Twin ranges from 6lbs to 25lbs, with increments of 1 all the way to 20, then a 5lbs jump to 25, the other sizes start at 10lbs, and move in 5lbs increments to a maximum of 35lbs. The price is extremely variable, with the smallest of the small hitting $94.99, and the largest of the large being $499.99. Expect to pay a little over $230. I love options, and I love custom made blankets. You end up paying perhaps $50 more than the prefab builds, but I think it is more than worth it.

Sensacalm Weighted Blanket

Sensacalm is the first bespoke firm on the list so far, and I am a huge fan. They offer far more in terms of customization options than other firms, in terms of size and weights. There are a half dozen cover materials to choose from, from pure 100% cotton to waterproof materials and mink like blends. I prefer the cotton, obviously, but having the options to tailor the blanket to whomever you are buying for. On the inside is a cotton and poly-fil blend, making the whole thing feel more like a hug than any other weighted blanket I have checked out. The sizes range from the smallest ,34″ x 50″, Medium is 38″ x 62″, Large is 38″ x 72″, Full is 56″ x 72″ and the Queen is 64″ x 72″. In terms of weight, we can choose between 3lbs and 40lbs, and near everything in between. Far more than most companies. The price is a little higher than the prefab builds, the smallest you can get is $89, while the largest, with all the bells and whistles, sits at the $375 price point. With so many options narrowing down he price beyond that is difficult, but expect a mid-sized blanket to cost around $200. it is well worth it.

Mosaic Weighted Blanket

Mosaic, much like Sensaclam, is another bespoke firm, with a huge array of options. Everything is made on site by hand, and it leads to a blanket of unsurpassed quality. There are only really two cover materials to choose from, the pure cotton and the mink fabric. The mink is more a sensory blanket than a straight-up weight blanket, and is perfect for children with certain disorders, the Range of aesthetic options is impressive, and it includes a number of branded covers, as mentioned before, big fan of the pokemon one. The range of sizes and weights is extensive, with any options you want being available. Do you want an extra small blanket that weighs 20lbs? No problem, they will make it for you. It takes them around 2 weeks to put together. There are four size options to choose from, Small (38″ x 42″), Medium (38″ x 50″), Large (38″ x 60″), and X- Large (42″ x 72″), and 16 weight options, from 5lbs to 20lbs inclusive. The prices run between $95 on the small end and $230 in the high end, with most blankets priced at $170. It would be nice to see a blanket heavier than 20lbs, but I feel like the options here will apply to most folk. Remember, you are buying to fit the bed flush.


All of the blankets here have the good sides and their bad. I like options, and a handmade feel, ergo my preference is the Mosaic. I like getting exactly what I need in terms of size and weight, and they are the only firm with that level of customization. The others are still great, and so long as you know what you need before you buy then you should find something to suit you. The prices are set to get lower and lower too, seen as the market for weighted blankets is expanding day by day.

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