The Weighted Blanket Co Review

It has been a whirlwind of blankets this last month. A whole host of product rolling in, and that means a lot of things to cover. The weighted Blanket Co. is one of the better firms on the market, with a fine product line and some nice attention to detail. Comes from being a bespoke designer. There are a few minute issues to cover with this build, so let’s press on with the review.

Why Should I Buy a Weighted Blanket?

Weighted blankets have been on the market for a number of years, and the list of claims surrounding them is nothing short of magical. I spent a week looking at the studies surrounding them and found that, for the most part, the claims are broadly correct. At base, a weighted blanket is simply a blanket that weighs a little more than a regular one. Using one is supposed to lower stress, improve sleep and alleviate anxiety. The principle by which this works is the same as a hug. Pressure on the body releases serotonin, and anxiety, depression and attention disorders all thrive in a serotonin starved brain.

The studies I looked at were mostly focused on attention disorders and Autistic Spectrum disorders in children, and across the board weighted blankets, and weighted clothing in general, was found to have a universal benefit for them. Latter-day studies in Austrailia and the US found that the same was true in adult insomnia patients, and patients recovering from surgery. For those without broad-reaching issues, the benefits are the same, though less noticeable. From my perspective, we should all be using one of these things.

About The Weighted Blanket Co.

The Weighted Blanket Co. has been operating for a number of years out of Nashville, claiming to be the first to market with a weighted sensory blanket. An interesting claim, and when taken literally that may well be the case. The exclusive use of mink-like fabrics does allow them to brand their build as “Sensory” in a way that other manufacturers cannot get away with, but the claim in general is a touch disingenuous, especially seen as they were found in 2014, five years after Mosaic. Still, their process is commendable, and they take great pride in their Made in America status. I am a big fan of buying locally, and while in general, that means more expensive, The Weighted Blanket company have managed to craft a top of the line product without charging a premium for it.

The Weighted Blanket Co. Build Quality & Materials

Hope you like the word luxury, cause that is all The Weighted Blanket Co. sell. They offer a range of prefab color combos, and while there are far more options than with a cheap Chinese build, there are far fewer than their competitors in the bespoke weighted blanket market. I don’t mind that, seen as the quality of the product is so high, but it might put a few folk off. The cover material used here is a mink-like fabric, and typically that means a poly blend. Far from a bad option, but when we apply the trifecta, durability, comfortability, and breathability, it loses out in the last section. It is less breathable than pure cotton, but it is more comfortable and arguably more durable. It makes this a great option for a child, and for adults who like the feel. The cover is not removable though, so when cleaning, it’s all or nothing. Bit of a downside, but hardly a deal breaker.

On the inside, we have the cotton, as is standard in the industry. The use of plastic pellets is also common, hypoallergenic and they distribute the weight well. I prefer glass, but the plastic is far easier to clean, as you can dry it on a low heat in the machine, unlike the glass. The sizes and weights are linked again, not the first time I have seen a firm do this, and I think it is a great idea. It allows them to have stock on hand and keeps the price down. There are seven core options to choose from, 30″x40″ at 5lbs,  36″x48″ at 8lbs,  42″x54″  at 10lbs, 48″x70″ at 13lbs,  48″x70″ at 16lbs,  48″x70″ at 25lbs, and 48″x70″ at 25lbs. In addition, several of those sizes come in a longer variant, for those on the tall side.  They manage to make something for everyone. Make sure to measure your bed, be certain of the dimensions, as you want a weighted blanket that fits. It must not hang over the sides, as that messes with the weight distribution, and could lead to a lesser result.

The Weighted Blanket Co. Overall Review

While I harp on about the cover material a little, it is still a great build. The Weighted Blanket Co. make all of their products by hand, so if you have any needs that are not addressed by the onsite stock you can email them for an even more custom option. You can’t get that with the cheap Chinese builds. Overall a well put together option that manages to address the entire market at once.

The Weighted Blanket Co. Pricing & Returns Policy

The price range on The Weighted Blanket Co. products is lower than I would have expected, sitting between $119.99 and $299.99. That means that the child-sized blanket is a little more expensive than the norm, while their largest size is a little below the norm. for those of us in the middle, expect to be paying a little over $200, my size is $199.99. These prices hold across their entire line, even into the two-tone designs. You will have to pay for shipping though, and that varies depending on where you are, expect it to be no more than $50 at the outside.

There is no money back guarantee with this firm, which means my warranty section is not off to a good start. They will accept no returns unless the product is defective upon arrival. That limited warranty spans a year, much like all the other weighted blankets on the market right now. It’s a bit of a shame, as it means when combined with all the other downsides the Weighted Blanket Co. might be on the losing side.

The Weighted Blanket Co. – Is it Worth it in 2018?

I wish it were otherwise, but to my mind, there are better options on the market. Unless a sensory-specific blanket is what you are looking for, in which case The Weighted Blanket Co. become more attractive. The cover material is great when viewed as a sensory blanket, but in comparison to the broader weighted blanket market, it leaves a little to be desired. The internal composition is fantastic, but it seems as though at their core all weighted blankets manage to have great internals. The pricing is fine, neither the highest or the lowest, but the lack of a money back guarantee is a black mark. The limited warranty is on par with the competition, but every other firm offers at least 30 days to get your money back, some even offer that for lightly used items.

If a Weighted Blanket Co. option happens to fit all your personal criteria then, by all means, go for it, it is a great blanket, but if not then you are better off looking elsewhere.

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Value (Price)6
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Good Materials
Average Price Point
Non-Removable Cover
No Money-Back Guarantee
Our Take
The Weighted Blanket Co's blankets are priced among the averages with comparable brands. They are marketed more as sensory blankets which may be good for some users. However for most people who are looking for weighted blankets, the Weighted Blanket Co is outperformed by other options.

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