Weighted Ideas Blanket Review

Weighted Ideas are another firm with a very broad reaching product line, which tells us much about the company in general. This weighted blanket is functionally identical to a number of others I have received over the last several months, and if you have read any of my other reviews, then you know that in terms of quality it is quite good, but in terms of options, it is lacking.

Why Should I Buy a Weighted Blanket?

I first got a weighted blanket more than half a year back, on the advice of my doctor. I didn’t know what they were, beyond perhaps a slightly heavier blanket, and when I first read up on their supposed benefits I was skeptical. I did my research, collated the data and was surprised to find how many positive effects they had. They work on the same principles as a hug, applying pressure to the body releases serotonin, thus reducing stress, but also addressing the needs of a number of issues.

In the early days, much of the research on the effects of weighted blankets was focused on the benefits to children with autistic spectrum issues, and attention disorders. Lately, more and more studies have focused on adults, those with anger issues, anxiety problems and insomnia, and all saw improvement. The effects on those without issues are not as strong, but they are impressive enough for me to advise looking into getting a weighted blanket regardless.

About Weighted Ideas

Weighted Ideas are a firm specializing in weighted blankets, but they are not a bespoke company. instead, they source their products elsewhere and sell to the international market. It means that we can not expect a good warranty or good aftersale support in general. I have dealt with firms like this in the past, and while that caveat might seem large, the savings tend to be more than worth it. There is also the fact that they are an Amazon FBA, so any issue you might come across, you can rely on Amazon’s excellent aftersale support.

Weighted Ideas Weighted Blanket Build Quality & Materials

On the outside we have the usual cotton covering, and I for one am a big fan of pure cotton bedding. I have reviewed a wide range of bedding materials, from sheets to beds to pillows, and cotton is a cut above. it has that combination of comfort, durability, and breathability that I like to see. when you go with a poly blend or any other kind of blend, you lose out in one area. thankfully that is not the case here. There are few color options though, and the cover is not removable. Weighted Ideas do sell a number of bespoke covers, and I am afraid that you will be forced to buy them, as weighted blankets do not come in standard sizes. even then, the options available are limited.

On the inside, we have more cotton, which is great, and poly pellets was a smart move.I might prefer glass for the weight distribution, but the use of poly plastic is better for utility, as they are both machine washable and dryable. There are a range of weights available, but they are locked to the size for the most part. five sizing options locked to 8 weight ranged. The Smallest is 36″ x 48″, limited to the 5lbs weight and excellent for children, while the heaviest blanket, at 30lbs, is locked to the largest size at 80″ x 87″. Other weights are 7lbs, 10lbs, 12lbs, 15lbs, 17lbs, 20lbs and 20lbs. This range is far beyond the norm, and I am very happy to see it. I fall into a niche that is seldom served by the non-bespoke market, so if you fall into a similar range as I then you will be able to find something that fits you here.

Weighted Ideas Weighted Blanket Overall Review

The cover material is the gold standard, but you lose out here in terms of color options. It isn’t removable either, making it harder to clean than other builds I have reviewed. the inside is the usual 100% cotton, which is nice, and the use of plastic pellets increases the utility. the weights are tied to the sizes, which might not work for some, but at least there is a wide range available. There is certainly something here to suit everyone, making the Weighted Ideas options a cut above. All that matters now is the price.

Weighted Ideas Weighted Blanket Pricing & Returns Policy

Weighted Ideas offer a wide range of weighted blankets, so narrowing down their price is a bit impossible. Their smallest build is $79, while their most expensive build is $399. The mid range options, 15lbs, 41″ x 60″, is $109. That is far below the norm. I have seen similar sizes and weights at twice that. Seen as weighted blankets cannot be shard, no matter their size, then getting a single serving weighted blanket is the only real option.

The warranty is standard, which is increasingly becoming a synonym for bad in this series of reviews. 1 year of limited coverage, only factory faults, does not leave much room for error in terms of use. Weighted Ideas are an Amazon FBA though, so if you do come across issues you can rely on Amazon having your back. I have bought quite literally hundreds of items, mainly for review purposed, and Amazon has had my back every step of the way.

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The price here is fantastic but with the limited options available that is hardly a unique selling point. If you are considering buying Weighted ideas build then I can at least say that without going bespoke it is as good as the rest. I do have a top ten for you to check out, and there is one import option that is a touch better than the rest on that list, but if you find a size and weight point that matches you, and it is below $300, then by all means, get it. It will serve its purpose well.

Customer Support6
Value (Price)5.5
Reader Rating5 Votes3.3
Quality Materials
Removable Cover Included
Lack of Color Choices
Limited Warranty
Our Take
The weighted blanket from Weighted Ideas is another middle of the road blanket. We couldn't find anything particularly wrong with it but it also doesn't do much to separate itself from the rest. If you're looking for a blanket in this price range then there are some better options available.

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