Weighting Comforts Blanket Review

This week we are looking at the Weighting Comforts product line, and it is nice to be looking at something made local for a change. Not a slight on some of the fine builds I have checked out in the past, but this offering is just a slight cut above. There are of course issues present, but we’ll break those down when we get there.

Why Should I Buy a Weighted Blanket?

Because they offer a wide range of benefits to pretty much everyone. There is an awful lot of literature out there, and a fair few studies as well, that break down the benefits, but to make this short. They reduce anxiety, improve sleep, help you maintain your temper and alleviate the symptoms of a number of inherent issues. Much of the early studies on the effects of weighted blankets and clothing was concerned with their effect on children, mainly those with Autistic Spectrum issues and Attention Disorders.

All the studies I could dig up from the time all say the same thing, that weighted blankets improve concentration for the kids involved in the study. Later studies looked at those with insomnia, and patients suffering from anxiety prior to surgery, and across the board, they were shown to reduce stress and improve sleep. These effects are not limited to insomnia patients or those with anxiety issues, they work on everyone to a lesser or greater degree. From my perspective, everyone should give them a go.

About Weighting Comforts

Weighting Comforts is a local firm, owned and operated by a mother and son. Current President Donna Durham was first made aware of the effectiveness of weighted blankets while pursuing her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. She was asked to make a few, and her clients reported the positive effects. With the help of her son, current CEO Josh Durham, the pair set up an e-commerce store to sell the blankets. Sourcing the manufacturing locally, teaming with Sew for Hope, a firm that employs refugees to, well, sew, Weighting Comforts are able to provide a top of the line product while keeping the price affordable to all.

Weighting Comforts Weighted Blanket Build Quality & Materials

Weighting comforts offer three variant for their cover material, and all of them are excellent. The one I went with is the CoolMax because I am a sucker for cooling fabrics. And my memory foam topper tends to retain heat something awful. Here we have a poly blend, but a specially designed on, out of the Invista factory. It is engineered to match cotton in terms of feel but beat it in terms of breathability. It is impressive, and far from the norm. It gives us the triad, porousness, comfort, and durability, beyond even that of cotton, but it also affects the price. The moisture draw fibers also help keep you cool on those hot days, while the quilting on the inside can keep you warm on the cold ones. Overall, this might be the best cover material currently in use. I would like to see more firms branch out like this, maybe with gel infused fibers, or even copper, but for now, this is the best option.

On the inside, we have the usual bedding cotton, with the weight applied via plastic pellets. They are a fine option and are the one that the vast majority of firms go with, but I prefer glass or sand. Don’t get me wrong, the plastic applies the weight evenly enough, and it comes with a few other benefits, but glass is a little better in that regard. The cleaning and drying benefits must be taken into consideration though. Glass is not machine dryable, but the plastic is, so long as you keep it on a low heat. Size wise we are looking at a short list available, and being a smaller firm, we are restricted in terms of weight as well. The CoolMax blankets are all 55” x 74”, so be sure to measure your bed before buying. If this build spills over the side then you should not buy it. We are also resigned to three weights, 15lbs, 20lbs, and 25lbs. This is fairly standard right now, but it limits who I can advise buy it. If you weigh less than 140lbs then nothing in the CoolMax range will work for you. Same for those over 260lbs. A properly fitted weighted blanket should not hang over the side, and be around 10% of your body weight. More petit buyers will need to look elsewhere. But if you fall into the right category, this might be my favorite option on the market right now.

Weighting Comforts Weighted Blanket Overall Review

Niche but amazing. An interesting combination. I love the materials used, and for the most part Weighting Comforts have reviewed the market, but I feel like the lack of size and weight options are going to hurt them in the long run. For people like me, there is nothing to buy. They do offer a smaller pure cotton option, but then their key selling point is made moot, and a cheaper option can be found elsewhere. Overall, a bit of a mixed bag, even if the bag is Armani quality.

Weighting Comforts Weighted Blankets Pricing & Returns Policy

The CoolMax is a bit of a premium product, and as a result, we can expect to pay a bit of a premium price. Here that means $269.99. Far from terrible, even if it is a little more than the other options, both on-site and elsewhere. I think it is well worth it though, assuming you pass the other requirements. There is also free shipping within the contiguous US and a small price for those in Alaska or Hawaii.

The warranty is standard, no firm has shown off an impressive warranty to me. You get the typical 1 year of limited coverage, that means manufacturer issues only. There is also a 30-day money back guarantee, and there is no limit on that. Don’t like you purchase then all you have to do is send it back, paying for your own shipping. I have seen worse on the market.

Weighting Comforts Weighted Blankets – Is it Worth it in 2018?

Not a particularly hard sell to my mind. Weighting comforts wear their philanthropic spirit on their sleeves, with Sew for Hope seeing a percentage of sales, not to mention employment. The materials are a cut above the competition, and the final product is excellent. The issues are obvious though. The lack of sizing options, and weight options, in the CoolMax build make it a little more niche than I would like. I hope that they expand the range that is available going forward. If you happen to fall into the right category, then this is the perfect weighted blanket.

Customer Support6
Value (Price)5
Reader Rating1 Vote9.9
Quality Materials
"Stay Cool" Breathability
High Price Point
No Cover Included
Lack of Color/Size Options
Our Take
Weighting Comforts' weighted blankets claim to be a premium product, with a premium price. Although the materials are verified to be high quality, these blankets lose points for their high price point and lack of color options. The absence of a cover helps with the "stay cool" functionality but makes the white blankets difficult to keep clean.

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