Where to Buy a Weighted Blanket

So you’ve decided that you want a weighted blanket, but are at a loss as to where to go. I’ve spent the last few months trying out a wide variety of blankets, and the glut on the market right now can be difficult to navigate. I’ve broken this article down into three key locations, Amazon, direct from the manufacturer, and import, in hopes that you will have a better idea of where you need to go.

Why Should I Buy a Weighted Blanket?

There are a huge number of reasons to get a weighted blanket. I spent some time a few months back looking into the science, and what I found was fascinating. Much of the early studies looked at the effects on children, mainly those with Attention disorders and Autistic Spectrum disorders, finding that the use of weighted clothing went a long way towards relieving the difficulties those children faced. The reasons for this are simple. Wearing weighted clothing, and sleeping with a weighted blanket, both release serotonin, improving mood and concentration.

The latter-day studies I found shifted gears and looked at the effects on adults, and the same held true in all of the studies. For those with anxiety, depression, anger issues or insomnia, there is a myriad of benefits to using a weighted blanket. The same is true, though to a lesser extent, for those without any affliction. In short, everyone can benefit from a weighted blanket, and I recommend you at least look into getting one.

Buying a Weighted Blanket From Amazon

Amazon might be most people’s favorite option, as there are a wide variety of benefits. When you buy from an Amazon FBA you get not only the warranty from the firm but also the clout of Amazon behind you when something goes wrong. There are a huge number of options though. What you want is plastic poly pellets and 100% cotton on the outside and inside. If you don’t care what it looks like then you are in luck, as most firms are selling a basic grey blanket. Unfortunately, you cannot always get the weight and size you need, as most are restricted, or even tied together. If you have a big bed, like what I do, but weigh under 140lbs then you kinda have to go with a bespoke option. The price tends to be lower on Amazon as well, so if you weigh between 150lbs and 260lbs then Amazon will have you covered.

Buying a Weighted Blanket from a Bespoke Retailer

This is my favorite option. From Mosaic to Magic, here is where we find the greatest number of options. If you need a blanket to fit a certain size and weight ratio then the custom-made blankets are the only way to go. They offer a wide range of color and material options, suited for adults and children, and then you pick a weight, custom fitting it to your own dimensions. Most of the off the rack options are far too limited. The price is higher, but not overly so, with the average sitting at a little over $200 for a medium blanket. If you require something larger, and heavier, then going with an Amazon option is better, as many of the bespoke options are well over $400 in the 25lbs+ range.

Buying a Weighted Blanket from Aliexpress

Much like Amazon, but slightly cheaper, and lacking the consumer protection programs. Most Amazon only retailers source their products on Alibaba and dropship it into the US market. The downsides here are the same as Amazon, fewer options and far too specialized in terms of dimensions. what you gain is the price. It is cheaper to buy direct, even if it takes a few months to arrive.

Where should I buy a Weighted Blanket?

I have a clear preference. The options from bespoke retailers are always better, and the price difference is not enough to justify a lesser build. It is true that there are a few options out there that are cheaper, and if you happen to fall into the right weight option then you are golden, but if you don’t then there is little point to them. If you weight between 150lbs and 300lbs then a non-bespoke option is better, as most firms are focusing on that weight range right now. Aliexpress is better than Amazon if the price is the only thing you care about, but if you want more peace of mind then Amazon is your best bet. Overall the likes of Magic and Mosaic is preferable.

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