XILI Blanket Review

This Xili build is much like the ZonLi option I tested out last month. A simple blanket, with a limited number of weights and sizes, that is, no doubt, simply good enough for the majority. I am of the opinion that if you are in the market for a weighted blanket then it is best to get something that matches your dimensions perfectly, which makes recommending these more limited offering difficult. But, if you happen to land in the sweet spot offered by XILI, then you will be well served.

Why Should I Buy a Weighted Blanket?

Weighted blankets have a number of medicinal benefits assigned to them, but chief among them for me is the effect on sleep. Weighted blankets have been shown to improve the quality of sleep for pretty much everyone, and they facilitate falling asleep too. In the old days, studies were focused on the effect weighted blankets and clothing had on children on the Autistic Spectrum, or those with attention disorders, showing a marked improvement. In the last five years, studies have focused on the effects of weighted blankets on those with anxiety, depression, anger issues and sleep disorders, like insomnia, and each of those too showed a direct positive correlation. I have been using one for a number of months now, and I haven’t slept better.

About XILI

XILI are another of those Chinese firms that are selling low-cost items in the US market. I have done a number of articles on them, and by and large, you are getting a good product, But there are a number of issues to take into account before purchasing. Chief among them is the after sale support. When buying from a US firm you have a little more peace of mind, and a more comprehensive warranty. Not the case with XILI. But the price is lower, and when you buy from an Amazon FBA, as XILI are, then that issue is mitigated. Amazon have some of the best aftersale support on the market, and if you do run into issues then it is always good to know that someone has your back.

XILI Weighted Blanket Build Quality & Materials

The outer layer here is made of a poly-cotton blend, and what you gain in terms of durability, is lost in terms of porousness. I prefer the cover to be 100% cotton, and failing that at least have some sort of mink-like feel. Here though we are losing on a number of fronts. The cover is also unable to be removed, so you can’t even say it is easier to clean. I cannot fathom why they decided on this style. There are only two options in terms of aesthetics as well, grey and dark navy, and considering the sheer quantity of designs on the market right now this is abysmal. If you want something simple, and with a material that is pretty easy to clean, then I could see the positives here, but overall we are off to a bad start.

Inside we do have 100% cotton, but then most firms manage to fill their blankets with the good stuff. The weight is added by plastic pellets, and these work as well as can be expected. I prefer glass, for the more even weight distribution, but plastic is fine, and they come with a few benefits that you do not find with the glass options. Plastic can be both machine washed and dried, so long as you use a low heat to do so. It makes the whole build a little more useful, in terms of utility. The lack of options isn’t a major black mark though, as here we have only the four sizes, and said sizes are linked to weights. The smallest is 35″ x 55″ at 5lbs, 7lbs, 10lbs, and 15lbs. Next is the 40″ x 60″, alone in the 15lbs bracket, and finally the 41″ x 55″ range, in 7lbs, 10lbs, 14lbs,  and 15lbs. The range is more expansive in the lower end than others, but it is lacking in the upper range.

XILI Weighted Blanket Overall Review

I am not a fan of the poly-cotton blends, but for those who might need to clean the blanket more often, i.e. those with children, then that is a good thing. The lack of aesthetics options is a bigger deal than it might seem, seen as weighted blankets do not come in standard sizes, single double queen etc, so you are going to be hard-pressed to find a cover that fits. The insides are standard, and more than up to the task at hand. But we are again faced with a relative lack of size and weight options, though still more than other off the rack builds, and unless you fall into a certain category you are not going to be satisfied here. Overall a fine build marred by a lack of options.

XILI Weighted Blanket Pricing & Returns Policy

XILI act a bit like a bespoke retailer, due to their range of size and weight options, so the difference between their smallest product and their largest is huge. Their smallest blanket, a simple 35″ x 47″ at 5lbs build is $68, far less expensive than a bespoke build, by around half as much, so if you want a weighted blanket for your child this is a great option. Their largest and heaviest build is $396, putting on par with their competitors, but niche sizes like that tend to run expensive. 40″ x 60″ at 15lbs, which is their best seller, is a mere $125, putting it a good $50 below the norm in this size range.

The warranty is standard, which is to say it is lacking. 1 year of limited coverage is all you get, and it only covers manufacture issues. When you buy bespoke you get to talk to the actual production house, and that gives us a little more leeway in this department. On the plus side you are dealing with an Amazon FBA, so if you have issues with the firm you do have Amazon to back you up. I have had to make use of Amazon’s consumer protection programs in the past, and they have always come through.

XILI Weighted Blanket – Is it Worth it in 2018?

The Core materials used are fantastic, and the price is well worth it. We lose out in the warranty department, but that is more than made up by the price. When you buy a cheaper build you know what you are getting, a fine product, marred by a less than accurate weight and a terrible warranty. if you fall into the right weight range then this is a great option, especially when buying for a young child.

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Value (Price)6.5
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Low Price
Variety of Options for Lower Weights
Does Not Include Cover
Materials and Color Are Prone to Stains
Lower Quality Materials
Our Take
XILI's weighted blankets are pretty bare-bones when it comes to aesthetics but the lower price somewhat makes up for it. The wide variety of lower weights make it a good option for children but the lack of a removable cover makes it prone to more stains and wear. If you're looking for a budget priced weighted blanket, there are better options available.

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