YnM Weighted Blanket Review

If you are in the market for a quick, cheap weighted blanket then there are a number of great options on the market right now. Today I’ll be breaking down the YnM options. The issue with the cheaper import models is the lack of options, and thus the inability to get exactly what you need. But if you fall into that magic area for size and weight, then there are excellent savings to be made.

Why Should I Buy a Weighted Blanket?

There are so many reasons to buy a weighted blanket these days. But first, what is a weighted Blanket? At base, it is a heavy blanket that you wear as you sleep. The pressure acts like a hug, releasing serotonin, and historically all studies were focused on the effects on children. There are a number of illnesses that are serotonin deficient, attention disorders, spectrum disorders etc, and studies have shown that using weighted blankets or weighted clothing can help.

In the last ten years, further studies broaden their scope, looking at the benefits for patients with anxiety, depression, insomnia and anger issues. The results showed a strong positive correlation across the board, and if you want to read the studies you can find them all linked in my previous Science of Weighted Blankets article.

About YnM Weighted Blankets

Finding out info YnM was difficult. So far as I can find out they are a drop shipping company, with a product line covering a wide variety of items. Copy on their storefront is a little sparse, and there is more than one mistake on it too, which is indicative of a certain country. A good dropshipping firm tends to have a cohesive list of products, and seldom do you see weighted blankets next to books on how to play bridge. On the plus side, they are also an Amazon FBA, and that means a certain level of intrinsic trust. The aftersale support is handled by Amazon for the most part as well. I’ll keep digging and update this article with more information as I find it.

YnM Weighted Blanket Build Quality & Materials

The blanket material is 100% cotton which has it’s pro’s and con’s (check out our weighted blanket buyers guide for more info.) There are three properties we want in our bedding, breathability, durability, and comfort. I have slept on everything, from Rayon blends to weirder copper infused materials, and all have their good points, strengths in one area over another, but Cotton is great for the inner blanket. There are only three colors to choose from, grey, dark grey and navy, but there is also a small number of covers to choose from. The minky cover is great, and if you need a full-on sensory blanket it is a lovely solution. The issue from my perspective is that weighted blankets are non-standard in terms of size, so you can’t just buy any old cover for them.

On the inside, we see more cotton, with it being segmented for an even distribution of the weight material. Unlike the current bespoke options I have checked out, instead of plastic pellets, we have sand based glass pellets. I adore this solution, the weight is more even, and it is still hypoallergenic. There are only three weight options available, 10lbs, 15lbs, and 25lbs. That is an issue for me, and it should be for others as well.I’m surprised they skipped 20 lbs (at the time of this writing at least.) Going up in increments of 5lbs is more than suitable however 20 pound blankets are an ideal fit for a lot of users.  A properly fitted weighted blanket should be 10-15% of your body weight and be big enough however not so big that it hangs over the edges of your bed. The size options available are 48″ x 72″ and 60″ x 80″. Be sure to measure yourself before buying though. They do offer a 17lbs option as well, but it is found in the “Children’s” blanket which is odd as that weight would likely be too heavy for most all kids. If you need a blanket for a child please go elsewhere.

YnM Weighted Blankets Pricing & Returns Policy

The price is the real selling point here. The midrange, 48″ x 70″ 15lbs option is $138 flat. That is a good $60 below the average for the industry, and if it fits you then I say go for it. Moving up in sizes, 60″ x 80″ 15lbs is $160, and the 20lbs model is $169. Across the board far below the average in terms of price, while offering a decent level of quality. Shipping is dependent on the region, but it is not much, expect to pay less than $50.

The aftersale support and warranty leave a little to be desired, on the manufacturer’s side. 1 year of limited warranty. But as an Amazon FBA you do have broader coverage, and in the event that something does go wrong you can rely on Amazon.

YnM Weighted Blankets – Is it Worth it in 2018?

That’s the interesting thing about these low-cost weighted blankets. At their core, they are fine products. Hitting all the major points that we want. A fine material, excellent distribution of weight and a dime store price all add up to an attractive product. The core issue is the fact that there are a limited range of options available and your dealing with what is likely a drop shipping company from abroad.  Not saying this is necessarily bad but if issues arise in the future it’s harder to project what will happen.

If you are in the market for a weighted blanket then the price of this blanket is low enough to be worth checking out.

Customer Support3
Value (Price)8
Solid Materials
Likely Dropshipper
Questions Regarding Long Term Quality
Our Take
The blanket is probably one of the better discount "knock offs" on the market. The materials appear to be a decent quality and the price is "right." At a similar price point I would recommend a blanket like the SleepForce or maybe the Gravity blanket however if you can save 30-40% with the YNM blanket I can see the appeal.

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