Yorkville Cotton Weighted Blanket Review

Yorkville Blanket Company are a small firm, with a limited product line. But what is there is fantastic. If you are in the market for a small form factor, high quality weighted blanket then this may well be the perfect option for you. A combination of top of the line materials and a few small changes on the inside that reflect my own sensibilities, has endeared the build to me. But first, we need to figure out if a weighted blanket is useful to you.

Why Should I Buy a Weighted Blanket?

There are so many reasons to buy a weighted blanket these days. The science behind it is solid, and I have looked into a number of studies on this. It works similarly to a hug, with pressure on the body causing a release of serotonin. This is especially useful for serotonin starved disorders, like depression, anxiety, anger problems, and is also useful for those on the Autistic Spectrum and those with attention disorders.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that without some kind of underlying illness a weighted blanket would be pointless. They improve the sleep quality of everyone who uses it, and most people do have trouble there. I highly recommend you try one out, and I have spent the last few months trying out a wide variety of them. So if this one doesn’t tickle your fancy I am certain there is one for you.

Yorkville Cotton Weighted Blanket Build Quality & Materials

On the outside, we have a dual layer material. The top is 100% pure cotton, extra breathable, and wonderfully comfortable, while the bottom material is cotton flannel, the extra soft good stuff. It falls short of being a sensory blanket, but that two-toned design is extremely comfortable. In terms of aesthetics, we have only the one option here. A simple, grey-blue design, segmented for a more even weight distribution. It’s far from bad, just hardly inspired. Coupled with a lack of size and weight options, it makes this more a niche product than it needs to be, and after looking at a bespoke blanket last week, leaves me wanting more.

On the inside, we have more top-notch materials. A poly blend is used for stuffing, retaining a high degree of heat in the winter, but maintaining a certain level of breathability. The main selling point here is the use of glass beads over the less expensive poly pellets. I prefer glass, they distribute weight better, they are hypoallergenic, and the feel is just a cut above. This does come with a downside though. Glass beads are just about machine washable, so long as you don’t put it through a vigorous spin cycle, but you cannot machine dry it. It increases the wash time significantly, and for those who don’t have that much time, you may be better served by a plastic based build. The weight and size options leave a lot to be desired, there are four sizes, and each of these come in just the one size. The smallest is 5lbs, at 32″ x 42″. Next is the 10lbs, at 42″ x 56″. Then the 14lbs, at 42″ x 61″ and finally the largest size, 18lbs at 49″ x 65″. A bit more varied than others, and I like the four-pound increments, but it is still limited. Remember, a properly fitted weighted blanket should weight 10% of your body weight, and should fit the bed flush, with nothing hanging off. If you have a non-standard bed size then you may be out of luck.

Yorkville Cotton Weighted Blanket Overall Review

I like this build. The materials used are fantastic, and the variety, while far from extensive, happens to fall into my own wheelhouse. For those with alternative needs, you will have to go elsewhere. I have only reviewed two glass based weighted blankets so far, my own and this one, and I can highly recommend the material for the feel. If you need something you can clean more often, if the blanket is for a child for example, then there are better options.

Yorkville Cotton Weighted Blanket Pricing & Returns Policy

With a small range of options available there are a number of prices to consider. The smallest is $84.99. Far from the cheapest build, but below the average none the less. The 10lbs build is $109.99, the 14lbs is $139.99, and the 18lbs build is $199.99. A nice mid-range price for a product that I would judge to be a bit of a cut above the rest. I like the price point, and if you want something good, that doesn’t break the bank, then this must be considered.

The warranty is far from perfect. A simple one year of coverage, and that is limited. If you have a manufacturer issue then you are covered, but anything else is on a case by case basis. I recommend you buy from Amazon, as their consumer protection policies will back you up in the unlikely event of a problem.There is also a 30-day return policy, and it covers quite a bit. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, then Yorkville will reimburse you, minus the cost of shipping.

Yorkville Cotton Weighted Blanket – Is it Worth it in 2018?

Hard to say. I like the build quality, and the high-quality materials are excellent. there are too few builds out there that use glass, so if you want the best feeling weighted blanket then this has to be seriously considered. But the lack of size and weight options makes it very niche. If you fall outside of the prefab requirements then there is no point considering this particular build, regardless of the quality. if you do fall into the right category though then you are in for a treat. the price is excellent, and the warranty is actually pretty good. You can find it on Amazon, or on their own site.

Customer Support6
Value (Price)5.5
Reader Rating0 Votes0
Quality Materials
Variety of Weights Available
Does Not Include Cover
Limited Size/Color Options
Higher Price Than Competitors
Our Take
The Yorkville weighted blanket appears to be made of quality materials but seems very similar to many other blankets. At its current price point, we think it should include a removable cover, which it does not. Bottom line, there are better options for the price.

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